Questions about OP leveling and stuff

You can fast travel to the peak immediately, even before making it to Sanctuary, so that is not an issue. As far as how far your gear will get you, that depends on you. You’re reading @Handsome_Dad’s walkthrough by level, so I’ll just highlight a point he makes toward the end: it’s more about strategy than anyhting else. Everything about the peak is doable in any circumstance, so long as you have a plan. Sal is generally an exception, but rocking a Deputy build I unlocked OP8 with an OP4 ROM, and @Kurtdawg13 completed the OP8 peak with level 72 gear. It isn’t easy, but it can be done. I used a level 71 Lyuda to hank surveyors at OP4, and an OP3 or 4 with my Siren to down Dukino’s mom unlocking OP7. Check the top gear thread, you may find common or farmable gear that will suffice for the purpose of avoiding a full reset before you’re ready, and Handsome Dad includes a list of easily farmable gear for most characters early in the thread. As to your last question, about doing a quest at OP0 and turning it in at OPwhatever, maybe? I read somewhere that if the last objective is “return to…” or “give x to whoever” that it does work that way as long as you accepted the mission at the desired OP level, but I’m not 100%sure because most of my gear is either farmable or non-red text. I would point out, however, that if you are using a Grog for Moxxi heals a reset would mean you had to advance the TTAODK at least to that mission to get the item again. As for being frowned on by the community, the general consensus (at least far as I can tell, I personally think this way) is that while climbing the peak anything goes (as long as you’re not outright cheating). All’s fair in Digistructed masochism, or something to that effect.

And oh yeah, welcome to the peak. It can be a real ball buster, but it’s one of, if not my absolute, favorite maps. So much enemy diversity and terrain make for lots of excitement and frustration, but if you can overcome your frustration it’s a blast.

Edited because @Kurtdawg13’s post made a point my heat addled brain forgot.


first off, I like that you asked this question.

Answer, no, not frowned upon. working within the games limitation is what we try to do anyways. finding ways to farm quicker and more efficiently as long as no 3rd party software is being used, you’re good to go. :acmaffirmative:

edit: and reseting playthroughs. You shouldn’t have to do it that often. roughly every 4 op levels or so. so once or twice would be all that is needed, depending on your skill level. reseting every OP level to re-acquire gear onlevel shouldn’t be required. Unless you’re looking to breeze through it. :blush:

@paulothead made some great points regarding strategy and everything is doable. very good points. And if you are using @Handsome_Dad Peak Guides, you’re in the right place. :wink:


Awesome! This I did not know.

That makes sense, I’ll just plan on dying a couple times while I plan my victory.

I’ve never had a Grog, I have however become accustomed to using the Heartbreaker for healing along with Transfusions.

Well, I want to stay within what is acceptable. I know there are some “grey” areas.

This is good to know. I have some ideas brewing, and have some testing to do.
I see people using software to “manufacture” a Bekah and that ruins the magic of finding a Bekah.

Not at all, but I don’t want to become overly discouraged either. I still consider myself a noob, but I really think I’m improving pretty quickly.

I will say that getting to OP1 was much easier than expected.

I am and will continue to.


You’re doing it the right way as far as I’m concerned. You’re reaching out for advice, working within the games limitations, you understand you’ll be dieing, but that’s required if you want to improve. You don’t know what you’re doing right until you’ve done it wrong. :wink:

There are quite a few members in here that started just like you are. They’ve progressed into skilled players and now give advice in here. You’ve already met one that I"m thinking of…cough cough @paulothead


I love the layout of the map, and It’s actually the type of map that I feel I play stronger in. No matter how quickly I make it to OP8 I can see replaying this map repeatedly.

Yes, I’ve done a ton more reading than posting since I’ve joined. I’ve learned a great deal from both of you guys as well as many other regulars here. This is an awesome community. I’ve been on other forums(on a vast variety of topics) and this is by far one of the best. I’m not certain I would even be playing the game still if it wasn’t for this forum and more so it’s members.

Thanks again!


Also, Corrosive weapons will be much more useful.


That was a good read. For my first run, I used fire on everything except the couple of loader types. Looks like I should have just went full out corrosive.


A couple quick things : your Pimp will last longer than your average bear. I’m still doing the Peak climb using lvl 72 gear and the Pimp is still very strong at OP6.

Also, shields are something I like to upgrade frequently. The Loot Train for a good purple adaptive or an Antagonist or Transformer or Neo.

edit - might be a good time to review your build too.


I have a Bearcat but it’s nothing like an average Bear! :thinking::smirk::astonished::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:


I think @Jefe typo’d that remark. I’m guessing he meant, “Beer” :beer::beers: Cheers! :blush:


Is he from Wisconsin?
-edit- I know they mix Beer and Deer a lot!


The average beer won’t last too long around me

“You won’t last two minutes” — that’s me talking to the beer…doing my best nomad impersonation.

I usually run from the average bear, unless I have a pimpernel, and the bear isn’t OP8.

edit - but seriously that is real good to know that the Pimpernel will last a good number of Peak runs.
I’m guessing I should swap my Heartbreaker for something else as it would seem fire isn’t overly effective on the Peak. Maybe a Bad Touch or a Kitten?


Words to live by. lmao Not sure I could outrun a bear however.

Kitten isn’t a bad choice, I would recommend a Rubi, slag or corrosive. Rubi will give you your highest percentage of health back per damage given with the only exception being the Grog. You’ve already mentioned you aren’t carrying a Grog, so I would go Rubi, personally. I actually don’t entertain the Grog anymore. I can’t stand it taking up a backpack slot. so no grog for me. :wink:


Almost true. Here’s the brief synopsis from my elements thread :

The VERY short version : go corrosive and explosive.


First, congrats on trying the Peak- not everyone wants to endure the frustration of reaching OP8 both solo and in a legit manner. Second, just my observations from bringing all characters to OP8:

1- your build: a build meant for general mobbing may not fare as well on the Peak (meaning Bloodsplosion Krieg mainly). Once the nature of the spawns becomes familiar plan your build accordingly, particularly the boss spawns. There’s a respec station right before you step out to meet Tannis- use it if you feel something needs to be tweaked.

2- your gear: depending on what it is level 72 gear can easily last until you reach OP8. I don’t believe in doing resets of the game just to get on level quest gear, as such I’ve made a habit of looking for acceptable substitutes or devising other strategies for dealing with Peak enemies, particularly bosses. I can say that with the exception of Krieg everyone carried a Bee for certain bosses (namely Saturn). A The Transformer shield will save your bacon vs surveyor- I can’t recommend having one enough. A Slagga is always on hand, even with Ruin Maya or IO Gaige. Deuputy’s Badge, Sheriff’s Badge, Storm Front, Fastball, DPUH, Chain Lightning, elemental Bone of the Ancients, an Avenger (to regen ammo for the Slagga) and at least 1 legendary and 1 blue com of most use to my build were always carried.

3- your strategy: this is something that will depend on your character, build and skill level but in general Handsome Dad’s Peak Guide covers a lot of stuff. Some of my favorite tactics: draw the Scorch/es to the opening of the previous area, coat them in slag and douse them with every Storm Front you have, ditto for the Black Queens (and try to stand your ground against their spawns- it’s easier to deal with them in the bottleneck of the opening rather than letting them chase you all over the map). Fastball + GN vs SBA surveyors and the fire spiderants that burrow underground (making sure to slag them first of course). Same tactic vs slag critters as well (but don’t slag slag critters- I think it actually heals them). If you’re worried about ammo open all containers at once before collecting their contents- it increases the chances that you’ll get the largest amount of ammo that you have the least of (and an Infinity wouldn’t be a bad back up- heck, it was my primary weapon for my Krieg).

4- take your time: while you can run the Peak as a Time Trail most likely that’s a bit down the road so take your time, especially if you’re just recovering from FFL. Let the Avenger regen your SMG ammo, let the CL regen your grenades and if you have a com that has health regen (or a Blood of the Seraphs/Terramorphous)use it if your AS won’t regen your health when used. Good luck and have fun storming the Peak! :+1:


Only Rubi I have is level 55…But I guess for healing and slagging it may be effective. I’ll experiment with it and the kitten on my next run. I might have a lead on a level 72…but not sure.

I actually read that entire thread as it was linked in the thread previously post about elements.
I picked up a Ravager from the loot train the other day, maybe it’ll be a good explosive to use.


I’m still using my level 50 slag rubi. Hardcore baby! :sunglasses:
my pimp is still level 72. For Sal, there isn’t a need for onlevel gear if exploiting his mechanics. :wink:

Edit: let me add that still using the level 50 rubi in OP8 is severely difficult and if I miss a shot, I take a knee. So, the difficulty is ramped up a bit but, I’d rather get better than rely on the Grog.


Prepare to be disappointed unless you have OSOK boosted by a COM - even then, the Peak is a bad place to be playing to OSOK. Harold and Kerblaster are far better. Or even the Flakker.


Good stuff…
I will review my build as I progress through different OP levels.

In regards to #2 I have most of what you’ve listed and most already in my backpack. Have a couple of Avenger’s that I’ve never used.

Yes, I’ll definitely have to work on a strategy, I’m sure dying will be part of the process…

on #4 that’s not a problem. I’m in no hurry :wink: