Questions about OP leveling and stuff

Has been recommended to me several times. 800% critical hit bonus is nothing to sneeze at. I think Zer0 has so many critical hit bonuses that he does a little better with larger damage numbers, so maybe you’d be better off waiting until you can get one at a higher level. However, with Two Fang proccing, it can hit high fire rates and the reverse recoil Hyperion thing can make it pretty wicked. But it’s a boring farm. I settled for matching grip with Maya and slag element for Sal, and those took Sandhawk level dashboarding. Maybe not a bad idea, but I didn’t get mine until OP6 because it was always recommended to me for D’s mom.


If you reset your playthrough, you don’t have to do that many missions to get great gear.

The Marcus DLC loot train farming is fast if you can kill Tinder Snowflake.

Tiny Tina’s DLC has the Seraph Vendor with an Antagonist or Florentine. Getting to the Forest to farm treants for a Bee is quick. The Grog Nozzle is a couple of difficult missions later. You lose the Grog Nozzle every time you reset.

For Mr. Torgue’s DLC, you only need to get to the Arena where you can farm a Torgue vending machine. That can get Kerblasters, Harolds, Duurps, Nukems, etc. The Seraph Vendor can have Crossfires, Big Boom Blasters, O-Negatives, but to farm that quickly, it’s easier it you can start at Moxxi’s bar.

Scarlett’s DLC has the Pimpernel/Sandhawk, but those are over half way through the campaign, so it will take some time. Her Seraph Vendor has the Evolution shield.

For the main story, the Hornet is an easy farm. Once you get to Three Horns Divide, you can farm Savage Lee for Harolds before going to Sanctuary if you keep saving and quiting at the fast travel station and look for red dots on the minimap. Finish the Firehawk mission and you can farm for Fastballs, Harolds, and the Flame of the Firehawk. If you keep going till you kill Wilhelm, but don’t remove the power core, you can pick up the Good, Bad, Mordecai mission and farm Lyuda’s.


Good stuff. I’ll actually farm much of that before I reset (if I reset).

I’ve actually already farmed an at level Harold and Antagonist.

I actually have a couple other neglected Toons(Sal and another Zer0) at various levels. I’ll have to check, but I think Sal is nearing UVHM and the other Zer0 is near the end of NVHM. I may work on progressing them instead of resetting. Of course it will take a while to get them to OP levels. If I had other active toons it would give me various other farming options.

Do the vendors have these? I got a mess of these when I first started farming Pete, they seemed to have dried up for whatever reason. I don’t recall seeing them at the vendors.

To be honest, my main motivation for a reset is to be able to get higher level pimpernels.

I was told early on that this wasn’t the best weapon for Zer0, but I may try it out. I’ve done some reading and it is intriguing.


Those farming suggestions were more generic than specific to Zer0, so pick and choose what you might want to use.

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It looks like the Florentine would simultaneously slag and strip shields(faster). I don’t see how that could ever be a bad thing. I’m gonna check it out at least.

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Maybe the O-Negatives and Big Boom Blasters are only in NVHM/TVHM Torgue Seraph Vendors.

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Now that you say that, I think that is the case actually.

I have a mess of O-Negatives at 72, so I’d guess they would still be useful for a bit longer

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Regarding the Lady Fist if you don’t reset then I would recommend waiting a few extra OP levels as it will only really be a significant upgrade for things such as Constructors and Dukino’s mum. However if you do plan to reset soon then grab it before you reset as it’s a quick grab and will still be useful.

I seem to remember this being the case.

What level are your Lyuda’s? They’re an easier farm and will also be extremely powerful in the peak, even if you don’t build round them or stack CA.

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They are all 72’s so I would guess they are still viable for another OP level and I have a full set of Gromky’s except for the fire, it’s a Dobby. I haven’t really used them on the Peak. My problem with them is I burn through ammo far to quick, so if I use them I’ll do so sparingly.

I still visit Gettle, while I’m farming Tubbies.

So far on the Peak I’ve really only used the pimpernels for Spiderants and loaders. Best I can tell they are still effective.

If I do a reset I’d really like to wait until after OP3. I’m really not leaning towards that option now tho. Like I said, I have another toons I may work on progressing rather than resetting.

After upgrading my antagonist to OP2(it’s a very easy farm) I’ve noticed a difference. Would it be advisable to upgrade my Transformer as well? Not as easy of a farm, but I’m sure I can get one.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not trying to get to OP8 in any hurry. Hell, I’m not even looking to get past OP3(that’ll happen when I get there).

EDIT: On my OP2 Run, I ran out of sniper ammo during the Assassins the first time. The second time I used the slagga/harold/striker/kitten much more and conserved my sniper ammo. I did use the pimp for spider ants but used the kitten when I had a straight shot at the spiders butt at closer range. I also used it on the occasional skag, but much more conservatively.


If all you’re using the transformer for is Surveyor’s then I’m sure it’ll be fine for a few extra rounds before it needs a refresh, you’ve got the antagonist for everything else.

Thing about Sniper ammo is that once you get low it will refill quite quickly so if you use the ammo aggressively against the big guys and then just visit all the ammo boxes and maybe open the red chests you can actually do fine. So I would encourage you to try be more aggressive with your Pimp and Lyuda usage and then just tone it down a bit in the area or two before the assassins.

I’d expect the Pimpernel to be fine for both the OP 3 and 4 peak runs, after that it will be touch and go. But if the damage falls off a bit consider keeping a Bee in your backpack as an option for a power spike against things like Centurion Ants and Slag Skags.

If any particular enemy becomes troublesome it would probably be worth it to go dig through MOLMF’s youtube series where he took a Zero to OP8 as he used almost purely Lvl 72 Pimpernel’s for weapons. So at times he got quite inventive.


This is exactly why I’m using it.

I can do this, but I’ve really not used the Lyuda much thusfar. I always have them in my backpack.

Got one. That said, I may upgrade it since It’s a fairly easy farm.

Haven’t seen that one, but I’ll seek it out. I’ve watched a good number of his vids.

It was MOLMF that piqued my interest in the Kitten. Honestly I wasn’t much of a fan at first(of the Kitten, got much respect for MOLMF) but got the Chaotic Evil Rogue COM and that wakes em up. I’m not using that COM most of the way but rather the Leg Hunter. Just use the Rogue COM for the Assassin fight.


The Antagonist is my go to shield and I noticed that too. Partly just because of me and I’d say partly because shields are better renewed more frequently. Unless you’re really good at avoiding damage. Which I’m not.
As you probably know the Transformer (and Deliverance) farming spot is from the WEP annex. Just like the LLM so remember that next time you farm for a Bone. The Neogenator is simpler to farm once you did the (Quick & fun.) missions. Definitely not as specifically designed for Surveyors thou. I like touring Frostburn to have fun with different guns anyways.


On my latest Antagonist I got one with the lowest recharge delay possible and that makes a big difference. I’m no good at avoiding damage either.

The Neogenator is actually a great idea as well. Farming the Transformer isn’t too bad. Pimon goes down fairly easy. It’s the rabid stalkers that are likely to join in on the fun that I hate…but…good practice. I hate the rabid stalkers more so than rabid skags.


They are the absolute worst. Beyond any kind of skeletons.
I can now deal with them fairly easily with Retsam (explosive Commando), Mia or Tiny Tata’s. Most of my VH’s. But Shadow never found a “true Zero” way to deal with Rabids.


I go play with the skeletons all the time now at the unassuming docks farming Rogue COMs. No skeleton Mages though. I’ve yet to come upon one but I hear I will hate them more than rabids.

There is an Ultimate Badass Skeleton. He gets fastballed. It’s really effective when I actually hit him.


This was from a recommendation on another thread

Zer0 is the best equipped to deal with those bastids.


72 Lyuda and Pimps with on level bee. OP7 run


Not in UVHM though- I think that is only applicable when in normal/TVHM…


You are right. I made another correction to that comment.


Awesome video, well worth watching. I always learn tons from watching MoLFs youtube stuff.

That said, I’ll have upgraded pimpernels if I ever make it to OP7 lol…