Questions about OP leveling and stuff

Good stuff…
I will review my build as I progress through different OP levels.

In regards to #2 I have most of what you’ve listed and most already in my backpack. Have a couple of Avenger’s that I’ve never used.

Yes, I’ll definitely have to work on a strategy, I’m sure dying will be part of the process…

on #4 that’s not a problem. I’m in no hurry :wink:


:blush: You’ve got me on the blush, brother. I don’t think of myself as skilled. What I am is persistent and stubborn. As for the advice I give, most of it I am repeating from the posts of people I do consider skilled and have tolerated me asking stupid questions, the list is too long for a post but you’ve already heard from most everyone that would make it. I will say this though, I’ve gotten a lot of good tips from threads where other folks were asking for advice. I read every thread that the forum suggests to me, and have learned a lot from other people’s questions. The best tip I could give that I would take credit for is to cruise the character subsection dedicated to the toon you’re playing and read as much of it as you can. Derailments have taught me just as much as the original threads have.


Noted…I have a I do have a Flakker but will need to learn how to use it.

Edit–Kerblaster I can get form farming Midgemong, which I’ve not done before…I always love finding a new legendary farm.

Can probably rustle up a Kerblaster pretty quickly. I have a surplus of Torgue Tokens.

Of course I have a pile of Harolds. Haven’t used em in a while but I will if I need to.


:point_up: This. I’ve learned a lot from your (and others) questions @zer0blivion.


Is it friday already? :rofl:


Eh. It may not be Friday, but it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. :smirk: :beers:


So I attempted another Peak run…and failed. I wouldn’t call it a complete failure as it went pretty good until near the end.
Rouf got me. This was right when I about to take him out. I had his health bar down far enough that a well placed headshot would have done the job. But he had lost his slag and I went to slag him again and he got me.
Now heres the dumb part. I tried to get outta FFYL with the Heartbreaker…no dice. It didn’t even seem to touch him. Of course I should have known better after all the reading I did yesterday. I didn’t even have the Heartbreaker equipped until I got to the Assassins. I had replaced it with an OP1 Bad Touch (one of my mules bought it for me) but decided to swap it out at the end. My reason? Well it’s what I had equipped when I completed the first run.
Any smart person would have switched to something else but I panicked and spammed him with an ineffective weapon. Oh well.
This got me to thinking. I know alot of folks use a Norfleet to get Second winds. I do not have a Norfleet, but I was thinking of either a Baddaboom or a Topnea (have corrosive, fire and slag). I’m guessing that the Baddaboom would be more effective? I hardly ever use a launcher. Should I forgo the launcher and use a DPUH for FFYL? What would be my best option (other than the obvious “Stay out of FFYL”).

Other than that, the rest of the run went pretty well. A Transformer really helped to keep the surveyors from wrecking my shield. A shock pimp proved very effective against spiderants. Corrosive for everything else.
I used the Bad Touch for most of the run, except the end, but I really didn’t use it much at all. I did run out of sniper at one point, but I was able to find more pretty quickly.

I will give it another go tonight hopefully with better results.


I don’t actually use a lot of launchers, but when I do they tend to be Topneaas. I do like the badaboom, but I use Topneaas a lot ever since I heard them referred to as “poor man’s norfleets” and I have yet to attempt spawning Vermivorous and I don’t raid often enough to consider farming her or Hyperious. And Topneaas, similar to Norfleets, don’t require a lot of aiming. So they’re a good choice for FFYL moments in my opinion. But then again, I usually try to get my second winds the hard way, fail, walk it off, and improve overall on the next run.


E-Tech launchers have a big splash AoE, and that’s what makes them so good as FFYL guns. You’re able to hit enemies that are behind cover. Topneas or PBFG’s are your best options. PBFG’s have the highest damage and Topneas have a higher firerate plus it has the Vladof gimmick that every… third, iirc, shot is free. It’s very ammo efficient, but has roughly half of the PBFG damage per shot. If it’s only used for FFYL, then I’d go for a PBFG. If you’re going to use it in normal fights, then the Topnea is probably your best option.


This is what I should do. I also hardly ever use Launchers, usually the Heartbreaker gets it done, but not on the Peak I guess. I bet the Pimp would have worked, I just panicked…

I may hit the train for one as I don’t have one.

Actually I will probably just try to improve overall as @paulothead said. But if I keep getting hung up I’ll resort to RL FFYLs. My situation last night definitely could have been solved with another weapon.

I wish the Assassins where the “same” as they are at Southpaw, I’ve killed Southpaw Rouf a number of times with the Heartbreaker, but more recently I’ve been headshotting him with the Muck or Callipeen.

On my way to the Assassins I did hit a couple Loaders with the Topnea, but I found that the corrosive pimp far more effective.


They are the same, it’s the change in venue that borks the whole thing up. You have more room to maneuver in Southpaw, which is why they feel easier there. The later spawns are worse though. Assassins 2×2 with turrets, all 4 at the same time. You really need to follow @Handsome_Dad’s advice. Reeth first, Rouf before Oney, those tidbits are the only bits I consider absolutely indispensable. The arena on the peak is the one area that always gets me nervous before I drop in. There are variable mob spawns that can make it infinitely worse and almost all of my fails happen there. Every other area you can control the spawns with placement and strategy, in there you really are at the mercy of whatever the game plops in your lap. The thing I have to keep reminding myself of is that it’s like playing a musical instrument. Practice, practice, practice is the only way to get it down, and you need to be able to check your frustration at the door.


This is interesting. The only difference in theory is that they’re not weak to fire as normal off-Peak flesh is ; but they shouldn’t be resistant. Of course, they will have the OP level’s added health and damage reduction.

The Peak Assassins are annoyance to test and I never bothered.


It’s quite likely I’m off on my assessment to the Assassins elemental resistance/weaknesses. I just drew some conclusions after reading some of the threads provided. Also as I shot him at close range, in the face his health bar didn’t seem to budge.

Another thing I thought of is that at Southpaw Rouf has his two nomads. I usually shoot their feet with the fire pimp then switch to the Heartbreaker. This gives me instant full health. Usually by the time I’m ready to deal with Rouf I’m full health and confident. I’ve also usually gotten a couple shots in and his shields are stripped and he’s ready to be picked off. So @paulothead is absolutely right that the biggest difference is the environment.

Totally agree. I will admit in the heat of the moment I do get frustrated, but that quickly passes, and I don’t let it discourage me.

I think I got over confident based on the run up to that point and the previous run. I was careless and it was my first time doing it.

Totally understand that. I may test the Southpaw Assassins. I say I’ve killed him with the Heartbreaker but I may be wrong about that. Like I said, as of late I’ve been killing him with a non elemental Jakobs sniper. That’s not to say I don’t wear him down with other methods, but when his health gets to a certain level I want him dead with a clean headshot (that gives me the warm fuzzies).

I’ll get it, I’m certain. I may give Hyperion a ton of money in the process

Which brings up another question…If die, and I do a “save and quit” before I respawn, is that considered cheating since you don’t get charged the respawn fee?


I do it every time :wink:


I wouldn’t consider that cheating, but I also wouldn’t bother because it’s easy enough to build up cash supplies at this point in the game.

Also, the over-confidence thing is definitely a problem for me too. I absolutely think that most of my fails can be attributed to that.

As to weapon choice in the arena, I like weapons with spread there. It’s one of the places I tend to carry my Harold.


Well, I do it all the time too, but you are right. It’ll be back to 999999999999.99 (or whatever) sooner than later.

I’ll bring my Harold next try, but I’m still gonna try to snipe em. Since this one has proven difficult, I’ll likely repeat it multiple times with various weapons like I did with Southpaw and Bloodshot. Then I’ll move on to the next one.

@Jefe We discussed the Kerblaster yesterday and last night one showed up in a chest outside of the Beatdown. Same thing happened a couple weeks ago. We talked about the Skullmasher and one showed up in a red chest. So lets talk about the Bekah next…




Gear wise I think it’s worth remembering that the guns like the hornet and Hammerbuster are easily acquirable and will diversify your ammo usage. In fact non elemental weapons as a whole are a lot more appealing in the peak.

With the Assassins I wouldn’t go near them without a singularity on hand. Reeth and Rouf are mobile, but if you can force them to come at you from the same direction as Wot and Oney then they immediately become more manageable. Trouble really starts when the assassins begin to play ping pong with you and this is something that a Singularity really helps negate.

The peak for all it’s difficulty and Stigma is really a tactics test more than a “skill” test. If you approach each room with a mental checklist of what order to take things out in and what are the crisis prevention tactics it does become significantly easier. The terrain in Digi peak is masterfully designed as a double edged sword. If you’re naive and rush then you’ll often be ambushed and surrounded, but with a bit of thought every room has a way to segment it and turn the thing into 1 on 1 or 2 fights.


I’m guessing that ammo becomes an issue more at the higher OP levels? I had no issue on the first run. The second I did run dry one time but quickly recovered.
Already got a OP1 Hammerbuster. It’s probably the easiest farm in the game. Hmmm…maybe the Striker would work well also…it’s a pretty easy farm and Slappy also gives lots o’ purples.

Even in the early OP levels? If I recall correctly when the pairs spawn they do so on opposite sides of the arena. Of course I’ve only had one failed run with the pairs so it may be completely random?

This really hasn’t been a problem for me in the game in general. I’ve learned to stay back and let the enemies come to me when it’s applicable anyways.

Of course, from what I can gather, the Peak doesn’t really start to get hard until OP4.

I always plan to have one or two “sacrificial” initial runs, where I don’t expect to survive just so I can get an Idea of whats in store. That said, the guide from this forums lays most of it out very nicely. It’s still different experiencing it for yourself.

I’ve also thought about doing some coop runs, especially if I’m having trouble getting past certain points.

Truth is i really hadn’t planned on starting this and I have no “deadline” to meet, so I’m not gonna rush it. If it takes a year to get through I’m ok with that.


Was that a meme I just read?