Questions about OP levels

So last night I hit 72 and for fun tried to run through Digistruct Peak. After 5 failed attempts (with 3 WTF moments) I completed OP1. At this point I’m wondering a couple of things:

  1. Is it really worth grinding to OP8? I’m assuming gearing up to OP8 and taking that gear into normal UVHM (lvl 72) would make my characters pretty OP for lack of a better term lol.

  2. Are there any guides or rules of thumb as to when to refarm/reacquire all the gear to advance through the OP levels?

  3. Obviously every OP level gets harder and harder, but realistically how many OP levels can be soloed by Axton? I know there’s many people who will say it’s easy, but I’m looking for info as to realistically how far can someone with average skill expect to get solo?

  4. Lastly, how often does OP gear drop in the wild? I was quite annoyed that when I was playing on OP1 I had a Lyuda drop for me at level 72…really!!!

Think of OP levels as extra level progression without skill points or HP. OP1 means level 73 - gear can now drop at level 71, 72 or OP1.

As Axton, depending on your build, you can reasonably expect to get through OP2 and maybe 3. I’d say refarm your gear whenever it feels weak.

  1. OP Levels are for those who want a bigger challenge from the game. There is nothing you can’t get on 72 but Tubbies have a much higher chance of dropping Pearlescents on OPX compared to 72. As they are the only source for 4 specific Pearls that is something to consider. Nonetheless, they can be found on 72, even on 62 with a lot of luck.

  2. If you just want to go through each level as quickly as possible farming Bees and Unkempt Harolds (in case of emergency) every few levels is more than enough to keep up with the damage. Sand Hawks in Shock, Corrosive and Fire are the preferred guns for easy progression here. Their level doesn’t matter as you will focus on Bee damage.

  3. That of course depends on far you are actually willing to go. As I said there’s nothing you can’t obtain on 72. If you don’t have faith in your own skill the chances are honestly not good.
    Axton is still a pretty good candidate for the Peak however. His turret(s) can distract the enemy for you so you can blast them with the Bee from behind. With Double Up they are also able to slag enemies for you greatly increasing your damage output.

  4. OP Levels are just a fancy name for Level 73 and higher with the difference that you can’t be on that level yourself. Essentially they follow the same rules as before meaning they can be up to 2 levels below your level on level cap, OP1 or 73 in your case. Keep in mind that you will only find OP1-8 stuff if you’re actually playing on that level. You will find lower OP stuff if you’re on OP6 (as low as OP4) for example but you won’t find OP6 stuff if you’re on OP4 (in UVHM enemies normally drop guns in a five level range. From 2 levels below your level to 2 levels above your level. At level cap you can only find guns on your level and two below)

So basically, if you enjoy how the game is on 72, don’t go for it. If you do want more challenge however you are free to go higher.

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Thank you so much, that was exactly the information I was looking for. Would be nice if there was an info thread that was stickied. I appreciate the time you took to type out your response!!!

  1. It can be if you really like the challenge. Also, once there you can switch it back to OP 0 (just UVHM) and laugh as you shoot everything with OP 8 gear. If you plan on getting other characters to lvl 72, using the OP 8 character to farm for lvl 72 gear makes it much easier.

  2. Use whatever gear suits you? Naturally, the Bee, Rough Rider and Antagonist will be your primary shields. Guns are up to you. Grog nozzle or rubi of any level is immensely helpful since the healing percentage will be the same. Can’t go wrong with an Unkempt Harold and purple rarity Jackobs sniper. Storm Front and Pandemic are good when paired with the Grog Nozzle or Rubi for quick healing.

  3. I’m not an Axton expert but with some good turret placement and patience you could solo it easier than other classes. But it’s MUCH easier to do in co-op, with any number of teammates.

  4. Same as it did earlier. It’d be like fighting a lvl 8 badass and finding lvl 7 loot, it happens. Fortunately, beating OP X does not require that you have OP (X-1) loot to do it. Though you will probably find that you want to upgrade your gear every 3 levels.