Questions about PC--Epic download

Sorry if this has been asked before elsewhere…I looked around on here and couldn’t find anything.

So I preordered my copy through the 2K store. My 2K account is linked up with my Epic account, and both are linked to my Shift account. There is no indicator in my Epic launcher that I purchased the game. Will 2K be issuing some kind of download code right before release?

Thanks ahead of time. I’m a n00b in PC gaming and this is my first preorder ever on PC.

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You should be able to see it in your library.

Orders for PC version through 2K store are all for the EGS release. Once it becomes available for pre-download (somewhere around the 11th), you should see it.

OT but thanks for this! I don’t get excited about the Epic “affair” but I do recognize it as an inferior platform to GOG, Steam et al. I know they have had security breaches and I’d like to reveal my cc details elsewhere. However, I haven’t found any re-sellers who guarantee a key ready for pre-load. If 2K does, that’s where I’ll buy. Ta.

Cant check right now Epic Launcer.
Someone else checked it?
so maybe we wont get an physical key only an Icon to dowonload it right away if everything is linked togehter?


Seems very odd you can’t see the game in your library. They will have transaction API’s updating this like from the Borderlands website - how i purchased mine. When i purchased, it was there in seconds >

Anyone else gone through the 2K store and not showing up in library ??

@DaRTH_FuRioN thanks for the info, i have to check it when im at home.

Just bought the game on the 2K store. My email said I will be sent an activation key nearer release. So, I wouldn’t expect to see my game on Epic at this point. Am I missing something?

So i just checked my Epic launcher, no Borderlands in there. I bought it directly on 2k Store, said the same for me…will get an E-Mail with Activation Code, it is weird that someone has it right on Epic Store and bought it also on 2k Store @DaRTH_FuRioN

Maybe because i linked it days after the purchase? maybe because of paypal express buy with an other E-Mail account? I dont get it…

That was from the 2k Games support ont the 14th August:

Hey there Wischhamster,

Thank you for contacting 2K Support!

I appreciate your enthusiasm to finally get your hands on Borderlands 3! I understand that you had a question about when you’ll receive your key to redeem the game. Most likely this code may be unavailable until launch day. If your pre-order was made on the 2K Store, I can link you below to get in touch with them and they’ll be able to confirm the answer to this question for you!

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I have a query out with the 2K store, at present, to check if they’ll release the key early for pre-load. I shall post here if I get an answer.


Same here…

Yeah I probably got the same notification about a key but I ordered when it was announced and couldn’t remember. I hope all of this goes smoothly because I’m DYING for it to drop!

Strange I went through the Borderlands site, too, and nothing…

Hi all, I contacted 2k today and got this response.

We have checked your order number ####### (obviously hidden my order number) and show that Borderlands
3 Super Deluxe Edition (Epic Games Store Download) is a pre-order and
the release date is on 9/13/2019. We will send you an email as soon as
it is available for download containing the activation code.

And please be advised that there is no option to pre-load the product.
Once the game released, that’s time that you can able to download the

Note: I did advise the 2k customer service person that the official website mentions preload is available.

I’ll check my epic store game library later when I get home to see if the game is there and greyed out.


That makes me angry.
You get the game from the retailer directly and cant preload? The best thing is that they are trying to tell you that there is no preload available? Funny Story…

2k get your things together…i cant belief it.

Maybe i will cancel the preorder and buy it direct from the epic store At lest on the 12th if there is no key for me (anyone got the info if we can cancel the preorder? Cant read it out of the FAQ on 2k)

As a basic run down, the 2k website says you are allowed a refund up to 14 calendar days from your receipt/invoice.

I’m far from that date so I have no chance of a refund and will stay with 2k for now.

I’ve passed this along to the community manager, it was only recently that preload was confirmed so the memo may not have filtered down to the support department for 2K yet.


Thanks for passing the concern up the chain Tokesy97 - we appreciate it and look forward to more info.

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@aliii.lim so i read it right…only within 14 days…so have to stay with it (do you get the greyed borderlands on Epic?)

@Tokesy97 thanks a lot…but do you think they can change the Date from the 13th to the 11th, i think there are a lots of things going on in the background, with timelines ect. ect. hope they can switch the System so we will get the keys on the 11th per E-Mail. would be really sad and not professional from 2k. I/We bought the key from them because we thought here you have the savest places that everything will work in time and we are on the most erliest Stage possible to get into the action. Lets see what we will get…

I have no idea, until the public announcement I didn’t even know that there would actually be preload on Epic.

All I can do I’ve done by passing it along to the community manager. Whether or not this makes it through to the required people today or next week is out of my hands. But I wish you all the best of luck in getting it ASAP.