Questions about Phoebe's Operation (Spoilers, duh)

  1. Is each “playthrough” just a recreation/simulation of what actually happened? I mean, this one I’m pretty sure on, but still, it’s nice to know.

  2. In Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, Atty is purposefully killing and reliving, through the digi-room, the events of the Rebellion. Because he wants to. In Toby’s Friendship Raid, you hop from ship to ship, with each one looking identical, and Thaddeus jumping from one ship to the next as well. In OM vs. the Battleschool, Oscar has to perform ten runs over through the gauntlet/training area. In Montana and the Demon Bear, each playthrough is a character’s version/variation of the story. In all of those four, it makes sense that you are playing them over and over again. But what about Phoebe’s? They are making the same expedition over and over, and what they learn in one carries over to the next, so we know these runthroughs are linked directly and have to be in chronological order. But why? Are there multiple Aztanti constructs? Because if not, then they’re just making the same “pioneering expedition” with each playthrough. Through the same big ol’ cave.

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Only attikus and the thrall rebellion is a simulation, I believe it’s vaguely said they are just redoing the expedition over and over again

I think I’m wording something wrong. Attikus’s is a digitial recreation and is fully self-aware of that, it’s one of the plot points. It’s a bit different from the other operations; while all ops are recreations of what happened, Attikus’s embraces that, and the variations in that one are Attikus killing Aria over and over in an attempt to… I dunno, feel?

Basically, the reasoning for why each operation has variations is there… in all of them except for Phoebe’s.

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Uh, are you saying they are all simulations and only attikus sees it as a simulation, because all the other ones are not

EDIT: sorry for sounding rude

It’s actually implied that each expedition is just a continuation of the previous one, in a narrative sense. Even though you’re starting the mission from the start each time, in the narrative they are just going deeper and deeper.

I am saying that all are recreations (as in, the main things that happened in each operation happened IRL), but in Attikus’s operation, it’s… hard to explain is what it is. It’s kinda rough to fit into one sentence, so let me give this a thing of its own.

Attikus’ Operation is him going into a VR-esque system and replaying the events of the Thrall Rebellion, just with his own spice on it in the form of the Noir/Detective theme. It is fully acknowledged and part of the plotline of that Operation that Attikus is in a digital simulator, and more than just Attikus knows that - Oscar, Nova…

I say the other operations are also digital recreations of real events because - well, why would Nova’s little black abyss spawn room be there in the real event? I assume that’s part of the canon, and that these digi-rooms used to recreate events (which we call Operations) are canon as well. It’s just a random Battleborn going in and running these missions. And Nova rewards them for doing well.

Oh and you don’t sound rude at all, no worries.

@arcaneredneck I didn’t see where that was implied, so I suppose I missed it. Could you point me to it? And even if that is what’s happening, I feel like it’d be pretty weird that each ruin has the exact same physical/geographical makeup, whereas the other operations having the same layout makes perfect sense - it’s explained in each of them.

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I only played it a couple of times, so I might be wrong. I remember the dialog between Phoebe and Beatrix during the first run made me think that they just going deeper into it. Same with the Kelvin dialog, it felt like they were going deeper and deeper into the ruins.

But like I said, I only played it like three or four times.

I tend to see the nova part of the missions as non canon just explaining some of the reward to be honest, especially due to what happens in the final playthrough of heart of ekkunar

Okay so on pheobe operation, watching some replays, it seems that yes, they are simply going back up and down again, that is until in the later ops where it gets wierd, like it seems at 8 through 10 seem to be them going deeper