Questions about porting characters to next gen

So I just purchased THC for X1 and wanted to carry my saves,items,characters,etc. over from my 360 to the X1 but I’ve noticed that I needed to upload my saves 1by1 to the cloud on 360 but unfortunately I traded in my 360 before purchasing THC for X1. Is there another way I can carry over my game other than the cloud? I know on certain games you don’t need to save to the cloud to carry over saves like Destiny,GTAV, etc. So I was wondering if there was another way?

There’s no other way. Games like Destiny work for cross-gen saves because the save data is stored on Bungie’s servers. Borderlands save data is stored directly on your console’s hard drive (or other storage device). In order to transfer your save data, you would need the device containing that save data, a copy of Borderlands 2/TPS for 360, and any Xbox 360 console connected to the internet in order to do the uploads.