Questions about the Aries' healing orbs

So I got an Aries out of the armory the other day and I was wondering how the healing orbs works. 1.Are they percentage based by how much damage you do? 2.Is how many orbs it spawns RNG? 3.Does Mordicai’s gun crazy skill cause double the orbs?

The number of orbs is feet ermines by the proc level iirc.

So if you cause a x1 shock explosion you get one orb. x2 shock explosion 2 orbs etc…

As for the healing, I don’t know how it’s calculated, but it isn’t much. I remember hearing 69 health somewhere, so it could just be your level (not the guns) in HP points.

Don’t use the Aries expecting the Grog Nozzle, use it as a badass damage dealing hand cannon that also gives you little bits of health.

The only thing in Bl1 that healed as a % of damage done was Bloodwing with a certain skill. Combined with Bird of Prey it was very good for stayin alive.

EDIT: Gun Crazy just has a chance to fire 2 shots, and each shot has the capability for 1 or more orbs. So it won’t neccisarily double, but it’s the same as shooting twice.

Thank you.

Oh and its 34 heath per orb btw


69 is if you have the “bullets heal friends” skill on Roland, which affects the orbs (for some reason)

I checked the wiki.

Yeah a x1 proc will spawn 1 orb, x2 will spawn 2, x3 will spawn 3, and x4 will spawn 5.

Not sure how exactly the healing is calculated. It looks like it uses the weapon damage formula (in which the only variable is level), but I’m not sure what the calculation is since the actual healing numbers are pretty low compared to what the formula should output.

Also, @Mr_Sandman the Reaper also heals you a percentage of melee damage dealt.