Questions about the electric banjo

Hey guys and gals. I have a few questions about the electric banjo. Does the weapon you’re using have to be shock based to trigger the chaining action? I’ve heard the relic works well with the redistributors. Does it work well with any element? How much more effective does it make them? I know every 7th shot is amped and chains to other enemies, but does this happen much more often when using the electric banjo? Thanks everyone for your time and Happy Holidays!

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electric banjo simply makes your shots have a chance to spawn a lightning chain. has nothing to do with your weapons element, its always gonn be a shock chain. the redistributor works well for more aoe in addition to banjo, but nothing actually changes. still 7th shot amped, but with a chance to spawn lightning chains. the seventh shot amp is independent of the banjo however the synergy is powerful for something like zanes new mod that procs off hits.

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Here ya go