Questions about the octo

Now, on my maya playthrough, I remember picking up the octo and thinking “what the heck is this rubbish” because i wasn’t getting decent damage (this turned out to be me being rubbish and using it at point plank range- not beneficial to the spread pattern)

Anyway, playing as zer0 now, and did old slappy in for striker farming, only to be reminded about this unique shotgun and its spread pattern, and the first thought was “this would be good for b0re, right?” Considering the intersection of the bullets, would it do well against big enemies, or am I deluded? I ask because there’s not much lauding or abhorring of this gun, so I’m curious

Tl:dr- is the octo good for b0re, If not, is it good on zer0

Would love to hear any octo experiences anyone’s had


This is an interesting question. Since my OP8 Zer0 has a Twister, I gave my OP4 a shock Omen - which is essentially a beefed up Octo.

You’d think the oscillating pellets would be great for Bore. The Tidal Wave is great, the Twister and Interfacer are amazing. But in my experience the Omen doesn’t really do much more than a regular shotgun.

I’ll try this out a bit more to see how it can be exploited.

Otherwise the Octo is a solid but average shotgun that seems about the same in everyone’s hands.

Paging @kawashiultimate : did you not use the Octo recently with Zer0?


…no? =|

I’ve not used an Octo at any point because I almost never seem to get Slap-Happy to be available – and the reason for that is because I almost never take Mighty Morphin’. Don’t like varkids. Yuck.


I like the Octo because it’s fun to try to get the pellets synced to concentrate on crit spots. Once you figure this out, it’s extremely accurate (for long distances too). Not the typical role for a shotgun… this just makes it a bit more versatile for me.


I never kept my Octo long before my newest toon (which happens to be an Axton), but I got mine in corrosive and it absolutely shredded everything armored (I don’t know if the Octo benefits from grenade bonuses [turns out the answer is no except for the reload], but I was surprised by its efficacy). As far as Zer0, I would give it a shot. If you worked at it with singularity nades and large enough targets you could probably get a bore shot going, but I don’t know how often you’d be able to set that up. I’d try firing one from a full clip (OSOK), deception, reload (because it doesn’t break deception), and then OSOK at the last second to add the deception bonus to it. You could then switch to another weapon until cooldown is over, pop deception and repeat the cycle. Is it ideal/optimized? Probably not. But I’d be willing to try it.


IMO the Octo is a niche weapon that is fun early/mid game but I do not have the patience for end game and this gun… probably lack of skill on my part though.

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