Questions about weapon prefixes and effects

I don’t know if this has been addresses or not, but wasn’t sure how to search for it. I have been going through the various posts and tables for weapon prefixes with plus’ and minus’ for various parts My questions is this;

If, for example. an SMG had the accessory that gives damage bonus, but a Dahl or Hyperion grip that give a damage decrease, do they cancel out?

Or the accuracy accessory, with a Bandit grip, do the accuracy effects cancel?

I have started checking my weapons for parts, and there are a lot with a plus here but a minus here, and I’m wondering if I can cross off things and find the net affect.

The actual effects will cancel out or otherwise mitigate each other, but the prefix will still take after the accessory.

That’s kind of what I thought. I wonder if it’s possible to get a certain set of grip, stock, etc to get a total net zero affect? I’m going to have to see if it’s possible.


I don’t know if we know the exact changes each part makes - for all I know they could be different for every gun. Usually each type of gun has a specific set of parts for optimal stats and effect, so that’s better to look for.

Here’s what I use when trying to farm gear.

The prefixes and what they mean.

The weapon parts and what they do to the weapon.

The old gear calculator for “almost” every configuration possible. Its quite old but it still sort of works to a degree.

Good luck :wink: