Questions and answers

There seems to be a large amount of questions, a good amount of answers and a large expectation of success based on these answers. I’ve helped some people, but there remains issues in any answers that are going to be given. Iron bear with me…

Here is a framework of information that really needs to be brought forward in order to help you out.

#1 What class are you playing?
I spent a couple days helping someone off and on before I realized they were playing Zane and I play Moze. Want to talk about the shredifier? Cool. Not working well on Zane? Totally different conversation.

#2 What level are you building for?
Starting out?
Mayhem 2 or Mayhem 4?
Mayhem 2 is very different than Mayhem 4.
Story line?
M4 endgame?

#3 What items do you have available?
I’ve noticed once people have seen a streamer us a setup, they start combing the forums for specific items to build the exact same. Then they get frustrated when it doesn’t work, usually there is a missing piece or wrong annoitments even though they found an item that matches the build.

#4 What experience do you have?
Just picked up the game?
Played through once and just unlocked Mayhem mode?
Been playing since launch and have 12 level 50’s?

#5 What are your expectations?
Playing through TVHM really doesn’t prepare you for M4. It’s not supposed to. Don’t take offense if you get told to drop it back to M1 or M2. The game ramps up pretty quick and items won’t compensate for bad strategy. You can pretty much stand in front of enemies in M2 and they won’t shoot you half the time. M4 pulls no punches.

Skill builds are fluid. They mean to play off your items, not the other way around. The skills are the baseline for each character and don’t change, vice your luck in items that drop. It’s easy to focus on skills being bad, but they are the same for everyone and a large amount of people are successful with them.

I suggest not trying to stick to Metas, they won’t really fit your play style, experience or item loadout, to be fair you wouldn’t be asking for help if they worked. You can be successful with or without them, but I’ve found better success without them.

I’m not attempting to tell people how to play. Just trying to organize your information so it’s clear and digestible. Then you can get an answer that would be far quicker and more applicable to what your goals are.

P.s. I play Moze and finished M4 storyline. I’ve played Takedown and been successful as well as being a contributing member of the group. I’ve also played every character through to 50 up to M2 at least. Most of my experience is playing Moze.

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