Questions for the Modders

Greetings, all!

I have a couple of questions fort he modders that require general rather than specific answers.

1). How easy or difficult would it be to impose a “reinforcement cost” on Vaygr and Hiigaran squadrons (that is, charge the player RU for every model reinforced)? For instance: if an Interceptor squadron costs 500 RU and there are 5 models in the squadron, I would like to charge the Hiigaran player 100 RU for each Interceptor reinforced.

2). How difficult would it be to implement some kind of “emergency thrusters” for Taiidan and Kushan strike craft? Ideally, these thrusters would drain an energy bar (much like the Scout’s speed boost) whenever a dock command was issued, burning for roughly three seconds and improving speed by 50-100%. The energy bar would take the same amount of time to recharge as that of a Defense Field Frigate.

3). How difficult would it be to implement new weapon classes for Taiidan and Kushan Light Corvettes and Heavy Corvettes? Ideally, Light Corvettes would be strong against strike craft and moderately strong against corvettes; Heavy Corvettes would be strong against corvettes (weaker than Lance Fighters or Pulsar Gunships) and moderately strong against frigates.

4). How difficult would it be to allow Taiidan and Kushan carriers to “build” capital ships at 20% of the normal rate (that is, 80% slower than the Mothership) via hyperspace? There is precedent for this – Carriers can build a Sensors Array, which arrives by hyperspace.

Thanks in advance!

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1-2). I’m not a coder.

3). Easy. All weapons are just text files with damage numbers and accuracies against selected ship classes.

4). Easy. If you create a new capital ship with 5x building time, make it a new build family (so it only appears in your Carrier and not your MS) and if the Carrier doesn’t have an exit dockpath for it, it will hyperspace in next to it.

Thanks, Pouk! Your answers were quite helpful.

I had a quick look at 1 and couldn’t see any way to get squadron counts. You could estimate repair costs based on health, but that isn’t quite the best solution.
It might pay to check the HW campaigns for any instances of fighter/bomber squadron interactions.

  1. you could probably just replace the dock command with a special one for strikecraft.

I’m not sure I understand you.

Because I’m not a coder, I can’t even begin to understand what goes on behind the scenes, but presumably when an incomplete squadron is docked with a capital ship, the game engine adds new models over a specific period of time. How hard would it be to charge a player X RU over T*M (T=time, in seconds), where X = (C/N)*M, C = cost of the squadron in RU, N = the maximum number of models in the squadron, and M = the number of models being reinforced?

For instance: assuming that T = 3 seconds, C = 500, N = 5, and M = 2, then X would equal 200 RU over 6 seconds to reinforce two models in a five-model squadron.

What you’ve done is probably identical to estimating the cost by health percentage; I doubt the game makes any extra time distinction for lost craft (could be wrong, can’t say I’ve tested it). Such variables are unknown to us as they’re all hidden inside the C portion of the engine we have no access to.
Someone could test it, but it’s possible there’s a real solution using a function to get the count of them and we just don’t know the function name. That would be preferable to estimating things, but estimation would work if your theory was correct.