Questions: MaxPlayers, Dedicated Servers, Join-In-Progress, COOP?

just before starting, I already pre-ordered HW:R so I want it to be even better for modding / MP

In the PAX video it was mentioned that max-players limit of HW: Remastered

is still equal to Homeworld 1 limit which was 8 players

now as someone who enjoyed dozens of great HW1,2 mods I remember that
many modders actually wished for limit increase to 16 or 32 players…
after-all it’s 21st century and Remastered shall strive for more than 8 max-players limit

thus, I would like to know answers on those questions:

if artificial max-players limit can be increased or removed fully? (helps modding greatness)

any plans to support dedicated servers ? (modding, hardware is way faster)
or at least ability to run game client w/o GUI/audio as dedicated game host (node)
note: there was some dedicated server released for HW1 by community afaik

any plans to support join-in-progress (JIP) ?
this means game allows players join at any point of the MP game, not just on start
helps especially with reconnects (when player lose connection for w/e reason)

any support for cooperative story driven multiplayer mode ? (again modding potential)
this would offer ability to play campaign(s) with other player (for even more modding greatness)

  • this is linked to 3. as JIP helps a lot with such coop game experience

hopefully someone from Gearbox sees this :wink:
{remember the more yes in answer the more reasons I have to love HW:R}

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