Questions on DoK Expedition Guide (Kharak Timeline, and other Questions)

I just finished going through the Expedition Guide and I must say it is a real treat to see. The interactive ability of the guide puts it way above other similar Guides in other games. However when I was looking at the Kharak Timeline I noticed something.

Basically, it says that the city of Saju-ka was destroyed via the madness of the Gaalsien Kiith-Sa then they disappear to the deep desert around 717 KDS and Kiith Gaalsien is tried in absentia where they are declared an outlaw the following year. However isn’t the Heresy Wars still going on during this time. Also the protections around Saju-Ka where designed and built by the Naabal which I thought where still in hiding at this time. Or am I wrong with this?

Secondly, ever since the existence of the Coalition of Northern Kiithid was said to be the main faction I have been wondering what about the Southern Kiithid like the Paktu. They are mentioned in the Guide along with their history. Are they part of the Coalition or have their own faction or what. Just wondering.

Finally I thought Leykab Jaraci was the first Kharakian in space if I remember the old Homeworld Historical Briefing correctly. But now he is reasonable for finding the Khar-Toba. Or am I wrong about the old Historical Briefing?

Anyhow just some questions and stuff that popped up during my reading of the Guide. Thanks again guys for the wonderful Guide.

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It would be ideal if in Russian :slight_smile:

Also there interesting things than could like for a possible prequel of this now set in space, a prequel when the Ancient hiigarans was an arrogant race, when they attack the taiidan, the ascension of riestu as emperor, AH fighting against the bentusi and loss and after that the exile. also just like to note it if BBI does a prequel adding the ancient hiigarans also please put the taiidan in a playable race and have a protagonist role to see the history in the two sides of the coin, in the side of the AH also in the side of the taiidan, that will be a good refresh.

Now coming back to DoK

The taiidan even sended them out the hiigarans to kharak they was worried so they sended one carrier to deploy an Ion Cannon satellite, another thing than puzzle me is why the carrier crash ?¿,

What I love is we now have official badges for 2 new kiith, the Siidim and the Hraal. I’d also like to see the same ship viewer for HWRM. Maybe they’ll do a DLC for one. I’d hope so.

Hmmm… can we please stay on topic here. This thread is for the response to my questions and the discussion about the topics mentioned in said questions. If you want to say, or gush, about the game please create your own thread. Also please avoid spoilers for I haven’t finished the game yet and others may not have played it either. If anyone doesn’t follow this I may just report you without another warning. Thank you.

You’re on a forum. We aren’t devs. Neither is anyone at Gearbox for this game. So sure, by all means kill the conversation on your own thread.

DarthSoban you are quite correct. I should have posted this on BBI’s forum but a friend mentioned that several people from BBI are usually on this forum and I didn’t know BBI had their own forum till yesterday. Therefore I don’t really mind if I killed conversation in this thread I may just take this there. Thank you.