Questions on fl4k pet dmg and possible builds

Hey I was wondering if pet dmg increases actually are supposed to buff r4kk damage. Also if it does doesnt it make these pet dmg boost really good for r4kk attack.

If they dont boost r4kk dmg the pet skills honestly should imo. This would synergize really well with new class mod.
Also if anyone knows where you farm to get new class mod please let me know :slight_smile:

you can get the new class mod in trial of cunning from tink of cunning or valkyrie from maliwan takedown.

Here is a spreadsheet

Do you happen to know if r4kk attack dmg is increased by pet skills

r4kk attack isn’t considered a pet so no

Rakk attack gets grenade buffs, bonus damage, elemental damage, splash damage, and action skill damage.

Also do u have to be mayhem 4 to get new class mod from valk?

i think m4 for it to drop but i think it can drop on maliwan without m4 not sure

Gernade dmg increases increase r4kk dmg???so that annointment that increases wpn dmg gernade dmg and action skill dmg on gernade throw would boost it by quite a bit huh?

I put on a grenade dmg friend bot and the damage was same when I used something else without grenade dmg.