Questions on status effect mechanics

Hi VHs, first time here, hope you’re having a good one.

I’ve played BL3 for over 100hrs now (been awesome) but never paid too much attention to status effect mechanics. now as im trying to finetune my builds i wanna understand a few things that i can’t seem to find out on internet:

  1. Does the same status effect stack itself on a single enemy? Or must finish its current duration before said effect will apply again? More importantly, do skills that tick on status effects count these stacks? i’m trying to find out whether, e.g. when my iron maiden Moze is fighting a single boss, i apply ignite once, Limit Break procs - before that ignite effect ends, can i get another ignite, which extends the status duration AND creates a second stack of Limit Break and so on?

  2. more on my iron maiden build - it’s fully specced (but not geared) but i still have fuel issues. i just can’t ignite often enough. how do i get ignite chance of at least 50-70% when most weapons seem to only grant around 10%? And why is that anyway when cryo chance is often at or over 100%?

  3. If a shot kills an enemy AND applies status effect at the same time, does that effect count?

  4. unrelated to status effects: why are some mini bosses scaled to my level. e.g. dinklebot (hence good to farm through the entire playthrough) but some are level locked?

Thanks all for your help!

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  1. By my understanding, status effects do not stack unless specifically stated that they do, so if an enemy is on fire, it cannot be set on fire again for ages status effect damage. It can be reignited to keep the status damage going, but the damage dealt by the status effect will remain the same.

  2. It’s been too long since I played BL3, so I’m sorry, but I can’t offer any help in increasing your status effect chances, but I can say that cryo works differently. Cryo efficiency is a stat that determines when an enemy will freeze, and that’s why you see the percentage so much higher. If you have a gun that offers 80% cryo efficiency, that means that the enemy will freeze solid faster than it would when hit with a weapon that is only 30% efficient. The slowing effects will still occur with a cryo weapon, but the solid freeze depends, and since fire, corrosive, and shock don’t have these added effects, that’s why there appears to be a discrepancy.

  3. If a shot that would normally proc a status effect and damage kills an enemy, the status damage most likely won’t be counted. Status damage is DoT (Damage over Time), so if you’re instantly killing enemies, the DoT can’t proc.

  4. Some bosses are scaled to your level and others are not because Gearbox programed them that way. It’s got nothing to do with you or your game being bugged.

Hope this helps! (:

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