Questions Regarding Claptrap DLC Weapons and the Grinder

Questions regarding the DLC weapons and the grinders… I have purchased the Claptrap DLC but have not yet done any of it since I have not yet reached level 70.

  1. I have used the grinder in Concordia 100s of times and never had a DLC weapon output. Once I complete the DLC, will DLC weapons be added to the output pool?

  2. Would DLC weapons be in the output pool of the Nexus grinder?

  3. Or, would the only way to have the grinders output a DLC weapon be to put at least one DLC weapon in it? At this point it seems like I need to feed a DLC weapon to have a chance at another DLC weapon, otherwise it will certainly not be a DLC weapon output.

  4. (non-DLC question) For the Excalibastard, it says in the wiki that it was added to the output pool of the grinders via a patch, but I have yet to see one output. I have not yet pulled it out of the stone on any characters - is that the reason? Or is it not possible to be grinder output? Or am I just unlucky?

Thanks in advance!

For 1-3, see the relevant thread (below).

For 4, something like that would be in the update notes for the game, not to mention plastered all over the forums. Since this is the first time I’ve ever heard that claim, I’d take it with a pinch of salt. Maybe check the date of the edit on the wiki, given what day it is today?

Excellent! Appreciate you linking that thread - it’s exactly what I needed!

Thanks again! /thread

No problem.

Re: the Excalibastard. I checked that post, and it was from a November 2014 “Talk” post referencing update 1.0.2, without any follow-up from other posters. I have done a LOT of purple grinding, and I have never seen one. Then again, there have also been several updates to the Grinder limiting what you can put in (for a while, any purple grinds where problematic and could potentially crash the game on 360). My suspicion is that it was a mistake on the programmer’s part, and has since been fixed. There’s no mention in the official patch notes about it at all.

I strongly remember seeing the added Excalibastard to the grinder thing, I don’t remember where though.