Questions regarding crossover between Bunkers and Badasses and Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Treasure Trove

@VaultHunter101 I’m kind of reposting this directly from a question I tried to shoot at nerdvana via email (hadn’t gotten a response yet and… um… seriously there is no where else i can think to post this)… and given the question I legit dont know if the question belongs here, or thee or somewhere else… if it doesn’t fit, let me know.

Honestly all my questions have to do with the Tiny Tina’s Treasure Trove which… doesn’t even include the game?

As someone who is preordered for the Bunkers and Badasses deluxe edition… these are questions I have for insane reasons.

Link to product page for posterity.

1 - I’m not seeing it on any list, but I thought I’d seen somewhere that the box itself is a wooden collectible. Could be totally misreading on this one, if so, disregard. Otherwise is it designed to house Bunkers and Badasses DX or is it just a novelty “cool item”?

2 - Is the included module something that’s already included within Bunkers and Badasses DX?

3 - Is the cloth map primarily a Wonderlands collectible or is it tied into the Bunkers and Badasses campaign world?

Sounds like a question for Gearbox Merchandising. Have you tried the GBX store contact page?

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I could try that but technically I don’t think that’s part of Nerdvana’s holdings?

Then again they’re selling something that came out of nerdvana through that treasure trove.

It’s kind of a mess lol

I suspect they contracted with Nerdvana to make the game? I believe it’s still GBX IP.

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Just to give you an update on my journey so far-

  • Nerdvana only responded after a week, store GBX took around three days.
  • Both said the other would know.
  • I’ve tried the old generic late last night but they did did not respond.

People keep liking this so… just to throw it out there. GBX did respond (and their customer support was quite polite in dealing with my drunk ass)…

They also do not know what is being sold in this set and no one has any idea what’s being sold.


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