Questions regarding Galilea

  1. If you use her Shield Throw against a sublimating Kelvin, will it stun him? I know that one Sublimating Kelvin and stun another using the same ability; sometimes stunning each other.

  2. If someone is within the channeling phase of their ability (prior to casting it) and you use Desecrate w/ Bleak Quiet, will it force their ability to go into cooldown?

That’s all. I hardly ever play as Galilea, but I’m at the point where I want to start working everyone to rank 12.

I’ve never actually seen the first one interact, but I imagine its possible. CC in this game has weird match ups.

In the second yes, pull will also self cancel it depending on the skill.

Any hard CC (CC that removes control from your character temporarily) puts ‘toggled’ skills on cooldown. Silence is considered a hard CC as you lose control over your skills. I also think the pull in itself breaks it, but bot sure right now.

As for the Kelvin Sublimate stun, I have no idea. I assume he can be stunned out of it if he can get stunned out of it by other sources of CC as well. Weird interactions tend to happen when your model is the source of the stun, instead of a projectile like Gali’s Shield Throw.

The pull does cancel skills, not sure about the first one, I had actually never thought to throw the shield at him during his sublimate.

I can only assume hitting a sublimated kelvin would stun him as I have both had him sublimate into a trap around a corner, and hooked him out of sublimate with ghalt.

This post reminded me that I found out (by chance) that Alani’s geyser can pull Galilea out of her abyssal form and trap her in the air in the bubble. I wonder if it would work on Kelvin too. It’s be really hard to time but would be interested to know the answer.

In my time as Kelvin, I noticed pretty much anything takes him out of sublimate. Which is effing stupid. The only thing it does is make him move through enemies.

Stun works really weird sometimes… i’ve seeen in the same game a Boldur and Montana charge each other multiple times… with 3 different result, i’ve seen the montana pushed back, the second time i’ve seen the boldur pushed back and after that i’ve seen each other pushed back…