Questions regarding Rough Rider/FL4Ks Spiderant (two different things)

I didn’t wanted to make a topic for each but I have some lingering questions/thoughts, that I didn’t found anything on the web about since launch and would like to discuss.


Is it only me or is the Rough Rider in this game pretty much the worst shield available and compared to BL2 version far inferior.

I got really lucky when my first Rough Rider dropped and it was roided. So given that it worked wonders on Maya and Krieg, heck even Axton could make good use of it, I immediately equipped it on my melee Amara.

To my surprise, even with the great synergy of always regenerating health and no loss to shield enhancing skills I immediately felt a big ditch in survivability. Where with shield I could finish whole mobs without it going fully down (NVHM) and I didn’t have any problems surviving on (TVHM/Mayhem), I was now barely making it to the enemy before 70% of my health where gone.

I think this comes from the fact that the BL3 version with +35% max health doesn’t even comes close to BL2 version.

The BL3 Vault Hunters HP are between 6-9000 at LV. 50. My Amaras HP are ca. 8500 and 10500 with RR. So not only does it seem to ignore boosts from skills but I’m basically trading my 13K Shield for mere 2000 health and 23% damage reduction.

Compare that to BL2 version which traded shield strength almost 1:1 for health (when using low-medium cap. shields) so you basically had close to double health + damage reduction.


First let me say two things. First this isn’t a call for buffs but merely some observation and second I have finished a full playthrough with the Spiderant and the Skag and have experience on Mayhem 3 with both, while using exactely the same build. I also mostly use the Spiderant and it’s still my favourite.

So, in my opinion the Spiderant is a little bit behind its two companions thanks to several things.

Movement: The Spiderant seems to move much slower and because of her bigger body often has pathing issues, or just gets stuck between objects right away.

Attacks: Its attacks are slower making it often deal no damage when enemies get moved/pushed around. It only swings its drill once while Mr. Chew attacks with a flurry of strikes, bites and jumps, dishing out damage much more frequently and faster.

Range Attack: She lobs a projectile like a mortar after slowly rearing up, that is almost useless against flying enemies and pretty much only hits stationary targets. The Skag on the other hand does their signature spit attack which is more like a cannon shot and has no problems hitting even fast flying Rakk from far away.

Attack Command: Once again the ones from the Spiderant all need some time to charge up thus enemies often have left the area of impact while the Skags are almost instantly.

Getting revived: Because of its slower movement speed it can take some time getting to you, which is to say when it even comes to rescue you. 1/2 of the time my Spiderant will just keep attacking the enemies even when in my vicinity. Mr. Chew on the other hand is next to you in a blink, I could even swear that he already starts moving towards you when you are low on health. Also because of his speed and no problems navigating the terrain there was not one time he hasn’t revived me, no matter how far away I was. With Broodless there is always praying involved, that she even starts moving towards me.

Spiderant passives: This is probably more because of my all around build but the Spiderant is meant for tank play which works quite nicely but with my build swaping to the Skag I get far better health regen and the Skags passives on top.

With this, swaping my Countess for the Eridian Skag/Gamma Burst (Atomic Aura) I can send him into a full pack of Badasses on Mayhem 3 and just walk in the middle of it all, without me doing anything and he will not only whittle down their health and throw them around constantly but will also heal me from almost dead to full in the blink of a moment from all the DoTs. Very rarely I have to shoot once, in case he would go down.

And lastly even though this is probably just bad luck.

Obscuring the player: When idle the Spiderant constantly moves from left to right which is absolute hell when trying to retrieve your lost&found. The Skag seems to stay in one place for longer and then moves somewhere else but (in my case) rarely directly infront of the player.

Phew, that got way longer than I expected.

What are your thoughts?

I feel the opposite way regarding the spiderant, I find to just about always be the most useful. It never goes down because it can heal itself. Scorcher has that nice AOE lava pool and stomp attack that do very nice damage, and countess’ attack command is one of the better ones for damage as well. They do move slower, but both them can teleport to you if you get too far away. As for being revived, skag and spiderant are about equal for me and I don’t have enough experience with the Jabber to comment on that one yet.

Pets are very YMMV. Everyone’s got an opinion on which one is the derpiest and which never comes to heal you etc…Most of it is definitely in our heads :laughing:

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Yea, they’re pretty equal and it’s not about the Spiderant going down more or not doing enough damage but it seems to me that the other ones are working much smoother, you know what I mean? Like the Spiderants AI to me seems more prone for fuckups :smile:

But like I said I still primarily use it and this isn’t a call for buffs/nerfs.

ya i share similar thoughts about rough rider. it seems garbsge outside of very few and specific interactions ( CCC and health regen skill on zane being the one im thinking about)

would love to see any other combos, if any, people have found