Questions with moving files from PS4 to PS3

Hello guys.
So I used to have Borderlands The handsome collection in my PS4, and I had a level 72 Krieg, with tons Of purple and oranges. Obviusly, I had all DLC. The problem is I sold my PS4 and bought a PS3, and now I want to buy Borderlands 2 again. I want to know if I can move my krieg from ps4 to ps3 (Im using The same psn account) and also I want to know what would happen if I buy The regular version with no DLC, considering The max level in regular BL2 is 50 I think, and my krieg is 72 + 2 OP levels. Also, is there any possibility I can download The DLC for free as soon as I get te regular copy Of BL2, considering I had it on my ps4? Or do O have to buy all that Content? Thanks

Unfortunately the Handsome Collection’s has no DLC, and the BL2 DLC on PS3 is considered a completely separate entity. It is a combination of both games and all possible DLC, but it doesn’t operate as a Steam Bundle would so it isn’t retroactive.

But a BRAND NEW PS3 version of the Game of the Year is going for 19.99 (or less) on a few sites.

If you have PS PLUS, your character probably uploaded to the cloud. (Check under you cloud data).

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I have it on ps4 and g.o.t.y. on ps3. I still had to cross-save or upload from ps4 and download on ps3 to move my characters around. Although it is still worth a shot to see if your character is in the cloud save.

I also had to buy the second ultimate upgrade pack to get level 72 and op levels, it only included upgrade pack 1. Also no headhunter pack, i.e. no snowman and whatnot. So, you’ll have to buy any dlc’s or add-on.