[questoin]Two questions on some visual effects?

Hello, I have a problem of scaling with some of visual effect with my mod (Macross Univers), certain are too big( laser beam, pulsar,…) and some other are too small.
My first question is how can i resize this visual effects?
My second question is about the battle scare how can i fit the battle scare with my models i have search everywhere i don’t find?
Thank you for your answers.
PS: Sorry for my bad english, this is not my birth language

  • Scaling FX can be rather hard. While we sorta have an FX editor that we use (trust me, it’s not fun) - it is often easier to just edit the FX files by hand. There are a bunch of values in the FX you care about, this like Width, Color, etc. I encourage you to mess around with them, as writing a tutorial is a bit more than I can offer right now (we’re VERY busy trying to get this patch out)…

  • Battle Scars will work if you use the correct tools - you need to build your ships with HODOR, and if you have old ships, convert them to DAE for HODOR using RODOH. There are quite a few examples and tutorials for that around here.

I’ll quite likely release an update for HODOR with this patch, and RODOH has some bugs I’ll finally have time to iron out after that.


@BitVenom, Are you talking about the FXTool from the old RDN files, or one you custom built for RM?

The old one doesn’t understand LOTS of new stuff… so be careful using it…

So a custom one then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello, thank you for your answers,

For the FX scale i’m going to try to change some value with my little french finger’s

I can’t use hodor for this time becuase every time i’m trying to export my models in DAE i have a lot of errors on my models since i exporting and i don’t anderstand why, i have follwing some tutorials publish her and some other and no thing’s change.
For example, i import the carrier ship or an other available on steam (i’ve tried all of them) i export it without change anything and a lot of error of reading or writing appear, i use 3ds max 2013 i’ve tried with autodesk collada and open source collada with the last version of both, but nothing change, i don’t understand where is the problem.
Here the warning error when i export in DAE:

While reading or writing a file the following notifications have been raised.

-Warning: The transform of node "Regult" is not compatible with FBX, so it is baked into TRS.
-Warning: The transform of node "engineShape001" is not compatible with FBX, so it is baked into TRS.

If some one can help me it will be great.

*starts a slow clap *

Here’s a question:
If I set BATTLE SCAR LIMIT to FRIGATES in game option, how does the game know if a ship in my mod is a frigate or not? According to its attackfamily? buildfamily? or dockfamily?
I’m asking this because I find that there are scars on my ship only when I set that option to ALL SHIPS, even that ship is indeed a mothership.


X is a number based on the order of that Graphics Option list (look at other ships if that isn’t clear…)

Somebody here should be able help, there are pretty wide range of capable ship authors…

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

possible battleScarCoverage values:

  • 0 = FIGHTER CLASS (includes probes)
  • 2 = FRIGATE CLASS (includes Platforms and Resource Controller/Collector)
  • 3 = CAPITAL CLASS (Destroyer)
  • 4 = SUPER-CAPITAL CLASS (Battlecrusier, Carrier, Mothership, Shipyard, and megaliths)
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