Quests Menu Framerate Drops (Steam)

Hey all,

I just migrated from Epic to Steam and started playing through some missions on my transferred save file. I noticed some performance-related issues in a lot of areas, none of which were things I experienced on my Epic copy of the game. For reference, I’m running the game on an RTX 2080ti, i9 9900k, 32 GB RAM, game install on a HDD.

(Reference image of my latest benchmark test).

Despite my comfortable performance metrics graphically, every time I open the ECHO and view my quest menu, my framerate will drop DRAMATICALLY. Generally by 20-30 frames. Even if I’m pulling a comfortable 60 running around a zone, I can open that menu and drop to 30-40 instantly.

I did some testing, and what I found is that this frame drop only occurs when I mouse over quests. If I idle with my mouse anywhere other than a quest name, my FPS stays steady at 60.

No other menus in the game share this issue. I lose sometimes 3-5 FPS when opening inventory, but this quickly subsides and no other lag persists.

I did test a fresh character to see if something about my Epic save file caused the problem. I confirmed that the quest menu still lagged on mouseover with a fresh Steam character profile.

Needless to say, this is a frustrating bug and completely nonsensical. Any advice or confirmation would be appreciated.