Queue for All Modes

I for one couldn’t give a twoddle what mode I play most of the time - Meltdown, Capture, Incursion, I just wanna play! And yet some modes undeniably find teams faster than others (Incursion notably.)

If people only want to queue for one, let them, but an option to also queue for Any Mode would, I think, have a positive effect on the queue times some players are experiencing. <3


Fully agreed. This is common sense. Don’t know why this wasn’t included with launch.

sign id like to switch it up anyway

they should make q for all modes and maps…

the map chosing is pretty much stupid cause 90% of the game u always get the same map…

and SOMETHING needs to be done to fix the waiting time

Would be a nice option for players like me who usually have to wait 20+ minutes

Can’t happen with how they currently have the ranking system. There are separate ELO scores for each mode.

oh yeah…

Separate ELO scores shouldn’t matter.

The game should be able to scan 3 different queues at 3 different levels and see where you’d best fit.

Ideally, those who queue for “any” can be mixed with those who queue for specific modes.

If they want to get really slick, the game can scan for whoever’s been waiting the longest, and try to get them rolling with a few “any” queuers.

ELO scores do matter, according to Gearbox. They say that the reason queue times are so long for some modes and not others, is because we’re all just so good that it can’t find enough people in our score range.

In my case, incursion queue times are short while meltdown times are long. Queueing for all modes would just be the same as only queueing for incursion. It’s always going to find a match sooner then meltdown.

Which to people like me would be fine. Like I said I couldn’t care less what mode I end up in, as long as I get in. :3

FYI the “change your download region” fix GB suggested works for me. Around 10pm my time I switch to US-NY and my queue times go down to <3-5 minutes.

ELO scores could be made to matter less.

Here’s one idea. Maybe not a perfect idea, but one I came up with 10 minutes ago on the can.

Have an “Any” queue actually be cycling through an invisible rotation of each game type for 30(ish?) seconds each. The player has no idea where the rotation is, you’re just queuing for anything.

Meanwhile, the game has the entire Any queue trying to match up with one particular game mode (to include people who specifically chose that mode) for 30 seconds, before the whole ANY queue moves on to the next and the next.

Again, this rotation is completely invisible to the player. They could even vary the times to prevent people learning the pattern.

But here’s the key it only groups “Anys” if it can assemble a full team of 5. People who queue for a specific game type can be added one by one to building a group, just like now, but the “Anys” would only pop if a full 5 can be assembled. This can be any combination of specific queuers and any queuers with ELO close enough to group up to 5. If no such groupings can be made, the Anys trundle on to the next mode.

With 30 seconds per mode (and the exact length is still open to debate) the individual queues would only have 1 minute of alone time before the Any mob returned.

If your ELO is so ridiculously high in a particular game mode that even this method excludes that mode … well … bummer?

P.S. GBX, feel free to contact me for my consulting fees :wink:

Oh snap, they actually did it :smiley: Thanks GB!

Just spent a few hours playing Overwatch, after I got bought it by a friend.

PLEEEEEASE bring back the All Modes queue again, Gearbox. Being able to jump from game to game for not caring what mode I play is SUCH a god-send to that game. Hell I’ll even deal with getting 4 or 5 Incursion - Overgrowth matches in a row if it means I get faster games or SOME chance at variety without a god-awfully long queue time. :frowning: