Queue Times are SUPER long

What’s going on with queue times? I really love the pvp in this game, but I’m waiting for 30+ min to get into a match. Is it cause there isn’t enough players?

I have a suggestion. I don’t mind playing 1 of the 3 pvp maps. If there was a way to queue for all three, that would be awesome!! :slight_smile:

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What??? only 1 queue for all three modes?? Are you crazy, are you outta your moind? Something that could at least shorten queue times on all platforms (especially pc)? pfff, get outta here man, I bought the game for incursion only, I don’t want to do that… that… that… crazy meltdown mode or capture mode… they scare me, ok? I’m scared and I don’t need that in my life right now! Where’s a safe space when you need one cries him/herself to sleep

What platform do you play on? On xbox one I feel like queue times have greatly decreased this week!

Hey pal what platform are you playing on?

I play on Steam, and have no trouble finding players or opponents within 5 mins time.

UK pc player here, I haven’t been able to find a meltdown/capture game all week, playing at peak times usually

Friend, I suggest you do this. Change your download region in Steam to any of the US region (I’d recommend New York or Washington DC) since you’re in the UK.

My default server in Asia is Singapore with little to no luck in queue time, so I changed it to US-Honolulu seemingly the nearest region to my country. My queue time kind of improved drastically from 20-30 mins to 5-10 mins. I think US has the biggest player base for Battleborn.

Try it and tell me if it worked for you!

Yes, I am a PC user and play the game through steam! I’m not ragging on the game AT ALL!! I LOVE this game! I was just wondering if there was a reason for the long queue times.

It’s all about what your playing on man. Ps4 has a 5-8 min wait time usually

I wasnt getting any game either so had to resort to change my download region to US DC area which is probably the closest i can get to Europe, now i can find games although sufering a bit from higher latency. Still get all green bars but game does lag a bit more but its worth it.
Steam should emulate consoles MM and do worldwide searches and not region lock you like it currently does.

Ok, set my region to New York, queue times are much quicker now

Where you’re from? Try setting your steam download region to US DC or New York. I helped out Digganick already. It should work for you too.

I can’t agree with you more, that would drastically improve the queue time.

Hoever on a side note, everyone would buy their games from Russia/Kazakhstan because buying games in that region is 50%-70% cheaper due to fluctuation in their economy everytime and Steam/Publishers are trying to prevent this.

As far as i know, that only applies to downloads and and this case MM. The store uses geolocation among other things to decide your location, if it was that simple people wouldn’t need to use stuff like VPN’s to, among other things, unlock region locked content and bypass launch dates.
That is why i currently have my download region set to US but the store still displays everything in € and knows where i’m from.

Montana, US

Although, setting my steam clock to an east coast time doesn’t seem like a valid solution! >_>

Try set to US- DC or US-New York download region? I set mine to US-Honolulu and it worked perfectly and I’m from Asia.