Queue Times Suggestion

Ok, I understand people want an even playing field when playing pvp in Battleborn. But these queue times are now ridiculous and most of the time your command rank won’t really impact on how good you are at the game.

What really matters is how well team oriented your group plays. If players are off doing there own thing with no communication that team will be decimated if the opposing team is working together.

I’ve seen plenty of times a team with command ranks 40-80 get beaten by ranks 15-30 more often then not. Solo queues would be great for this because you will get destroyed paired against a pre-made team if your team isn’t working with each other but I feel like that might make things worse.

Now knowing the map well is one key element to victory but it is more so on how well you know the character you are playing. My suggestion: Matchmaking should find players with similar character skill levels. Players would pick there character first and then go into queue(all characters on a team have to be unique anyways so no one should get queued together with the same character they have chosen). Having a character rank 15 already shows you have mastered that character and thus should be paired against someone who has also chosen a mastered character.

Character ranks are only ranked from 1-15 so the ques will have a much more easier time finding other players of similar rank which is a lot better then matching players with command ranks 1-100.

BTW, I came up with this idea and wrote this while waiting in a queue which I am still currently in. (Sad face emoticon)

That creates the problems of a.) people who enjoy popular characters not getting to play as often, and b.) the increased likelihood of teams with a poor composition, and no support or tank.

Ok so maybe have players choose 2 or 3 different characters they would like to use and have teams with at least 2 support or 1 support and 1 tank.

Then queue times stay long, because nobody wants to play supports or tanks. League tried a similar system called Team Builder much like your suggestion, and queues took like 15-20 minutes oftentimes because hardly anyone played support.

the queue time in caapture is ridiculous

I doubt NOBODY wants to play a support or tank(I personally love playing Miko) but players playing now are choosing support or tank to help the team if there isn’t one already. I am more than positive people will pick a support or tank out of the 2 or 3 they can choose from to help the queue times.

Nobody is undoubtedly an exaggeration, but I don’t really see people pick support even when they’re the last to pick and we already have four offensive characters, let alone when they don’t know who they’ll be matched with and get any choice they want.

So if you say that is happening now then how worse can it be from my suggestion?

If you force support, its small playerbase increases queue times. If you don’t, supports become even less common outside of premades because even though it’s not common at all, sometimes people do pick support when a team’s lacking it. Plus, it makes it a lot harder to get teammate-specific lore challenges because you can’t purposely pick a character if someone else picks one that fulfills the challenge.

Ok I reread your comment but I have to respectfully disagree. I do think my suggestion would be a WAY better system then what they have now. Even if you get all offensive, if your team is working together you can win against other teams. In my experience most teams I have been on will choose a support and/or tank when there isn’t already and most of the time there is at least one or the other.

I do appreciate your input though. It helps give me more insight on how it can work.

It might work, depending on the playerbase. I’ve seen the version that forces support (League) and the form that doesn’t (Paragon). The latter actually worked pretty alright, with only about half the teams not having a dedicated support, but I feel that’s mostly due to the fact that supports are kinda broken in that game. It can work in theory, but with the somewhat limited communication options on console (I have no friends or functioning mic) and the pretty good balancing with supports in this game, it could really go either way if such a system is implemented.