Queue times way to long after rang 20 and favorite game mode+ map not playable

Hello first thing first my english isnt great i hope u understand what i have to say… I started as a f2p Account i have it still and i was thinking about the upgrade… all okay before rank 20 cause i had a max waiting time of 5 min for the flower map spide thingy … after i reach rang 20 i still wait 30 mins + for a fast search game at evening with maps i dont prefer the oppenents are at rangs beyond the hell and i lose mostly under 5 mins… there is nothing balanced and fair… now i thinking i dont upgrade if nothing will change for the queues… i thing it would be fair to join a queue when all players rangs are ±5 of my own and i coulsd choose teh map where i want to play and then i joining the game mode… im still not able to play competive cause of the less chars i have on my account… pls respone maybe i forgot something

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