Queued ranked, said I was fighting someone, but it never let me join the fight, lost 30 mmr

So I wanted to do a quick match last night before I got off. I queued rank mode, screen went black when finding a player but then it sent me back to the hangout area.

Yet I could still see in the player list “ranked versus Rice and Chicken” on a guy’s name. I spectated his game and I could just see his healthbar/name in the ready area and not mine.

I spectated it till the “ranked versus Rice and Chicken” label was gone and my mmr dropped 31 points. All because it never let me go back into the game.

There should just be a rejoin button in the ready up phase incase something like this happens, or if the game crashes, etc.

That’d be annoying to happen multiple times!

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and now I just got -8 mmr from a win after a person rage quit?

For the first issue, If you’re loading don’t idle, continually hit wasd or something on your keyboard in hopes of not getting AFK dropped. As for the second one, that seems a little backwards. @Ricenchicken you don’t happen to have your match ID for that one, do you?

Yea it’s



cool. in case the gearbox guys don’t see this, can you create a ticket with it? That does sound very backwards
Edit: added support.gearbox.com link

This seems like an engine bug. I posted about the same issue with the black screen. The reason you got the MMR loss for winning the match, is because the black screen caused you to lose, except the MMR isnt changed until your next match, which it reports it there. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

yea I just got it again and the next match I lost -26 mmr.

This is really the only problem I’ve have with this game bug wise so far

Seems to still be happening.

Might be when I tab back into game on the black loading screen?

I get black loading screen and then back to lobby. Next match, even if I win I lose the mmr of the previous match that I didn’t load into.

Even spamming keys doesn’t keep me from being pushed back to lobby. Weird bug, seems to only happen to very few people though.