Quick 40 to level 50 tip (leveling without anoying skulls)

most people allready know this i’m sure but still, throwing it out there for the masses :smiley:

so, you finished the story and are still short a few levels to 50? you want to level up but the XP gain is so poor and those skulls make it take forever getting that allready scarce XP?

go into TVHM but do NOT leave pandora (as this will make the skulls appear) dunno if there’s any misions with worthwhile guns in the start area but doesn’t realy matter :wink: you can just reset your misions.

it’s kinda boring but it beats having to tackle those ghosts with subpar gear and get your behinds digistructed every 10 seconds :smiley:

done multiple plauthroyughs on normal. what i usually do is just fight Troy on M1 or M2 over and over and over again. It is really quick and my only thing I need is a good Atlas grenade since he drops so many grenades in that arena. You just move in a circle and keep chucking. Obviously with Moze or Zane this works extremely well but I can still kill him in a good time with anybody.
I usually finish between lvl30-35 normal then do 35+ spamming troy. take me like 2-4 hrs usually. very tedious. probably slower than most but it gets the job done.

ive tried stuff that people post on youtube like “How to get 1million xp in 30 minutes!” stuff but it usually never works for me or is too much work while killing Troy is braindead easy

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That’s because in normal mode nothing scales :wink:

in TVHM everything scales to your level (and so does XP gain)

when the event is finaly over leveling will once again become less tedious :wink: