Quick Action Skill Question


If my player has a Proficiency Relic of +20% Action Skill and a Class Mod also with +20 Action Skill, do these combime to give +40%? I recently tried this and there seems to be very little difference when one of these is removed. Is there some crazy mathematics which scales things back?


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Here you go. This should shed a bit of light on the situation.

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You are correct that you do indeed have +40% Action Skill Cooldown Rate (ASCR), however, keep in mind that +100% ASCR would not result in no cooldown, rather, it would half the cooldown. The idea is that your Action Skill has a base rate at which it cools down, and that rate results in the base cooldown time. Increasing the rate by a given % does not have a linear relationship with how many seconds off the cooldown time you end up getting due to your increased cooldown rate. The equation for cooldown time is of the form:


Where T is the actual cooldown time, B is the base cooldown time, and R is the cumulative bonus to Action Skill Cooldown Rate. The number of seconds off, then, is the difference of B-T.