Quick and the Quicker Bug Part 2

I deleted my previous post thinking it was fixed… incorrect. Original issue: Started the quick and the quicker quest of the Bounty in Blood expansion. Revived Slim, used the slot machine by him and lost, grenade dropped and downed him again to where he wouldn’t move so I couldn’t follow him, and I couldn’t revive him again. Cool, quit to main menu to try and fix it. Wallah, he is now moving to the next location. However, once he gets there, the quest doesn’t progress… The bottles won’t highlight and even though I have the “press E to talk” cue, pushing E does nothing. I tried quitting to menu again to try and reset it, nothing… I’ve tried moving onto another quest and coming back, nothing… So, yet again, I am stuck with this quest being non progressable… Please fix this quest. I’ve seen quite a few issues with it on Reddit as well.


Have the same issue here. I even deleted the game , restored the save data and nothing works

The exact same thing happened to me on xbox one. Still won’t work.

Yea, Ive completed that expansion and moved on… The bug is still there and the mission still shows up in my logs which drives me freaking insane…

Same thing seems to be no movement in fixing issue, same as the eridian writtings after completing that reported issue just platitudes appears to be no attempt to fix

Still waiting for a fix and it is clear that it’s not coming. Really sad that something like this doesn’t get fixed.

I am now having a similar issue with another quest… Swamp Bro’s on Eden-6… Keeps telling me to revive Chadd, but I already did…

I think I found a fix. I know it’s a bit late, but i want to post this for anyone that might still be struggeling. In my case, I had this bug on tvhm preventing me from getting all achievements. So i went to normal mode, proceeded through dlc as normal until I unlocked this quest. As I competed it, all achievements tied with it popped. Make sure you have everything else completed in tvhm(the mode with the bug) and do not leave Vestige while the quest is active. It sure was a neat discovery as i didn’t have to go though every mission again. Worked for me today on XO

That happens when you revive him too fast. Try save quitting and returning to the area. There should be a barrel nearby. Just hit him with it in order to down him and revive again.