Quick Brick Questions

Title- just started a playthrough with him and wanted some info if it was available, i couldn’t find it through googling.

While in Berserk, it states he has damage reduction, do we know how much that is? I’m guessing 50% but don’t see it posted one way or another.

Additionally, while in Berserk and with an artifact, does the elemental effect only change the modifier? Does it add any extra damage? Does it follow standard elemental modifier from BL1, like fire on flesh is 20% more, shock on shield is 50%, and corrosive on armor is 100%? How do the artifact levels work with that?

Thanks for any help!

I don’t actually recall what the DR value for Berserk is, iirc it’s 50%, which means you can take 50% more damage before taking a knee (FFYL) than without it. So it’s really more a 50% increase in effective hp.

As for the artifacts, the higher level ones increase that damage bonus for using that element, so you will want to collect all 4 at the highest levels you can find (max is level 6 artifact). The elemental relics change the damage of your Berserk punches to the element in question, give some chance to stack DoT (elemental mechanics are complicated, I could write a thread just on how they work because it’s that non-trivial). General tip for using the artifacts is the try and prey on elemental vulnerabilities of what you’re fighting. If those weaknesses are varied among enemies you’re fighting. However, sometimes choosing the better option is that which does reliable damage, also, buffs to your Explosive damage do affect explosive punches, so Endowed skill and especially the Blast Master com make the Explosive element punches good for general use.

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