Quick Change Stations in BL3

At the gameplay reveal, they did a quick reveal of the new quick change station with Amara. Does anyone know if any of the streamers did a more in depth version of this feature? I wasn’t able to spend the day watching gameplay and I am really interested in the character customization.

The Quick Change menu had:
Heads (Amara had 2)
Skins (?, I assume it is just like other games, but then what seperates them from the color option?)
Colors (?, is it like the choices in BL1?)
Emotes (cool feature with a select wheel)
Echo Theme (?, is it the HUD? the menu select screen? or just the echo when people talk?)


looks like Crazy Earl got lots of stuff now. We got a lot more info after this latest gameplay reveal

As someone who doesn’t give a fig about cosmetics, I’m going to have a lot of unspent Eridium by the end of a playthrough :smiley:

You can also buy guns with Eridium from Crazy Earl’s Veteran vending machine.

That’s more like it! :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you.

I believe we have also seen slot machines aboard Sanctuary 3 that take eridium.