Quick Co-Op Question

I know weapon drops can only be picked up by one person in Co-Op but I was wondering whether that was also the same for mission rewards? Does e.g. only one person get the Pimpernel when handing in Don’t Coppy That Floppy, or do all members of the party get one? If only one it’s kind of a disincentive to do some quests in Co-Op mode

Everybody who is eligible (is also able to turn the mission in) for the reward will also receive their own version with their own parts. This can be useful if you want to farm specific parts.

That took you at least a minute! :smile:

Thanks for the quick response and for putting my mind at ease :acmaffirmative:

If I am not annoying people with my annoying knowledge of drop rates I actually try to help them :3
You’re welcome :slight_smile: