Quick Doppelbanger

The Doppelbanger explosion timer is not bound to the animation of Zane holding the trigger, but you holding it. Meaning you can overlay animation.
So if you double tap and then hold the second button-press, the clone starts charging up right away and explodes way way faster. Takes like half the time.



Without any breaks. Zane virtually just presses the trigger for a split second before the clone already explodes. That just made the ASE playstyle way more enjoyable.

Watch the R1 button on the right side:
volume warning, the audio quality sicks duck!


Cool - I’ma try this later.

Woah thats a game changer if true

Are you double tapping super fast? The first tap always makes me swap places (although the detonation after swapping seems quicker than normal).

It’s as fast as I can press the button again. Also keep in mind, that you hold the button after pressing it the second time, so it doesn’t swap anyway. May be I can somehow make a video.

OP video added

Cool, thanks!

Can someone on PC see if they can replicate this? I totally can’t, like the instant my finger leaves the button on the first push, I’m swapped. Are you on Xbox, Playstation, or something else?

Stadia. Watch the R1 in the video, I think I can’t put it into words.

I see/get what you’re doing, I just can’t replicate it myself. If someone else on PC can replicate it, I’ll know I’m just bad at it, and I’ll keep trying. If that’s exclusive to consoles and/or the Stadia… have fun throwing your Clone around!

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Okay, gonna try on keyboard when i get home.
But Stadia is just a PC version in it’s core, so I wonder why it wouldn’t work.

That’s just me going ultra sure with trouble shooting: you do have the doppelbanger augment skilled and active, right?

i wish there was no doppelbanger and seein dead at all… so zane community would continue pushing gearbox to better decisions like it used to

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Agreed. But we might get a better skill to proc seein red and ASE anoints with the 4th skill tree, and with the new ASE anoints being as good as they are you can now make a viable build without seein dead.
still im not sure on what other COM to take, because they’re all kinda meh.

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I do; he does bring up the remote and pop the Clone, just not before swapping places with the first click.

How often do you press the button in summary? It should only be 2 times. One to summon him and one immediately after to detonate, which you hold down. Maybe your f/g button is broken or on turbo because he shouldn’t even swap if you hold the button down.

If only doppelganger was a useful skill outside of ASE annoints. I hate that action skills are only used as annoint triggers instead of useful functions of the game… This is the same for fake/cancel phase skills with amara, IB spawn and immediate exit… It feels like a bastardization/glitch use instead of a fun skill…all because annoints are over powered.


To be fair, it’s also because AS are underpowered/don’t work well, but yes I agree.

Anyways, as far as the OP I’ve tried this and failed as well, but I’ll try some more later.

To be fair, activating an action skill also procs seein red too, though. So it’s at least not solely for ASE. Also with double barrel, there clone does some damage with Backburner and Sandhawk.

What system are you on? I just tried it on keyboard and it worked. Can’t imagine it being a stadia only feature :joy:

PC. Could be something to do with Stadia running streamed games, but I’ll try again later just in case I was mistiming it.