Quick Doppelbanger

I maybe should add, that it’s really only animation merging and less animation canceling. It merges the activation and detonation animations. Could it be that you two are trying to cancel it, at some other point in the clones lifetime, than the start?

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Could be. We’ll see after I have breakfast.

If you have seeing red the. You are running the seeing dead class mod and outside of initial fight start, you have no use for seeing red. And if you are starting a fight then you will want your ASE active for max damage… in which case you doppelganger and double barrel has no time to do damage.

Until annointments are nerfed or action skills are majorly buffed… The meta/strongest way to play is to used action skills as triggers for annoints. I hate this meta… One of the reasons I have stopped playing (along with awful gear drops rates)


It’s if you don’t want to run seein dead or don’t have access to it.
And effectively using double barrel is another build, not the ASE build…obviously.
The meta is the meta. It’s the most efficient most effective made by min/maxer.
It is usually not very lovely.
The gear drop rates is our even ground, fork that!

Well, I can overlap them, hold time is the same either way though.

So were I the only one, waiting for Zane to finish the activation to start the detonation? Huh…

Ah, there’s the difference - I’m double tapping after he’s spawned and has been sitting there for some time. I should be able to blink him in and out of existence that way pretty quickly.

This is more handy for quickly firing off an Action Skill End anointment than actually having him pop near some enemies for explosive damage though, no? Like he’s just going to pop out near me and then explode a second later. (I mean, if I’m getting ransacked by a mob, he’ll blast them.)

Yes, that’s solely for quickly activating ASE or/and Seein Dead or Like a ghost (as if that would matter…)

I rarely hear this skill mentioned, and haven’t used it myself (so many other great ones that it’s easy to skip until I get around to doing some research on it). How would someone go about squeezing the most out of that skill?

At max (3) points, with an action skill triggered, there’s a 9% chance for a bullet to whiff. If I found a COM with three points in that skill, that would make the whiff chance 18%. Apparently it stacks, so if I fire off a second action skill, it would go to 36%?

This lasts for 8 seconds, so if I can rotate my Clone in and out that quickly (Guardian Ranks, a relic with cooldown, points in Adrenaline, maybe working Calm Cool and Collected), I should be able to sustain this 36%?

I mean, is that percent the best I can do with that skill working all this stuff in tandem? I’m not opposed to throwing that much maintenance into a niche combat gimmick, but 36% sounds low on paper here for almost eliminating the Clone from combat (as I’d be rotating it in and out just to keep Like A Ghost maxed).

This skill isn’t never mentioned for nothing. It’s really terrible and needs a buff. But your estimation should be correct, yet it provably wouldn’t even been taken if it would be a kill skill.

If we assume the playstyle to maximize this combat gimmick (letting shots whiff) will involve some dedicated COM (to put points into that skill), and throwaway use of the Clone by cycling him in and out with Dopplebanger (eliminating him otherwise from combat, plus requiring a decent amount of maintenance in terms of constantly starting/stopping it), what percent would make this worth it? I get that this will vary across people, but for 100% chance, I’d definitely hit it, but for those of us into this sort of thing, let’s be realistic.

I’d probably run that scheme for as low as 75% whiff chance? Like it has to be high enough that I’m otherwise willing/able to eat the remaining damage for so much investment (a good Sham in BL2 worked in this role for me, and it was pretty fun too, but that was high-80s if not 90 percent). If I swap out the COM (assuming it doubled the skill with 3 more points), the return halves. If I don’t stack the effect by constantly rotating out the Clone, the return loses 30% if I’m doing the math here right.

Nobody will ever run this as long as permanent all-rounder barrier is possible.

Then we would be like Moze :rofl:

The only VH that seemed right from the start was Amara. Everybody else was put together with spit, glue, and duct tape.

amara is severely broken between ttb do harm and indscirminete she ■■■■■ on everyone’s damage abbility unless it is strictly single target fight and god knows she never felt right to me because that is just maya on steroids never wanted to player her and almost certainly never will. and moze is far stronger than zane if you take away seein dead now that she gets forms of life steal. only thing keeping zane afloat is broken good misfortune procs on seein dead and also broken easy playing dirty stacks. people talk ■■■■ about moze but if you go into ffyl as zane you literally have no damage.

yerr btw moze is full of problems but i always foresaw it strictly from character design perspective, summoners never end up well

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Ditto, got a Fl4k, Zane, and Moze. I usually play Sirens, this will be the 1st I won’t until maybe years down the road.