Quick Fade Away question

So if I have a weapon with ASE next 2 mags equipped when I activate Fade Away then switch over to Action Skill Active weapon dmg 200%… Am I getting that 200% or do I need that weapon equipped when I activate Fade Away?..

And even further… Right after Fade Away ends and I switch back over to my ASE next 2 mags weapon, am I getting that bonus elmt dmg or…

Can anybody clear that up for me plz

I believe for ASE anoints, it has it’s own timer duration. You can swap in and out if. ASA 200 must be in hand when you activate Action Skill. You lose the bonus if you swap weapons. You also can’t swap into it.

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Damn… Thanks for the reply dude.

Ase must be in hand too(end of fade away - last shot); the only timed part that counts currently between swaps is grenade/ shield damage anointments


Really? I don’t remember having that issue with ASE 100%. Then again, I don’t remember much of BL3 stuff. Feels like a blur at times.

Your last Fade shot gets ASE bonuses so you’d probably want to be holding it by then.

100% Weapon Damage on ASE won’t apply to the last Fade shot - That’s because Weapon (Gun) Damage is calculated on shot, and since Fade Away ends after the third shot, only your next shots will have it. You need the weapon in hand and swapping out from it will just turn off the anointment.

Bonus Elements (including Next 2 Mags)/Splash on ASE will all apply to the third Fade shot - That’s because unlike Gun Damage, Bonus Elements/Splash are calculated on hit, meaning they will immediately affect whichever projectiles you had in flight as Fade ended, including from the first and second shot. For Next 2 Mag/Splash ASE, you need the weapon in hand and swapping out from it will just turn off the anointment.

200% Weapon Damage while ASA (same goes for the terrible 100% Weapon Damage while Fade is active) needs to be in hand before you use the action skill: swapping from or to it during the skill won’t work. This has always been kind of viewed as a bug/unintended, and funnily enough the DLC5 patch caused the Gamma Burst anointment and some others to also behave in this absurdly clunky and unintuitive way.

Only some anointments have full swapping compatibility: Bonus Elements on Shield/Grenade, URad, Terror Cryo and previously Gamma Burst (alongside some other character specific ones), maybe another I’m forgetting. For the rest, you need the weapon in hand for its duration, and swapping will turn it off.