Quick idea for the new single queue

This won’t be long because I’m doing it on my phone, but I want to bring this up. After the incursion queue disappeared my regular team brought up the idea that instead of having a “no preference” option to vote, put a map on each mode up instead. Four slots. Four modes. Makes sense no?

Let me know what you guys think.


I approve of this.

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Sounds like a better alternative to having certain modes being unavailable. I endorse this idea as well!

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I don’t approve because, incursion mode does not absolutely does not need to show up every time. That is all people are going to pick and we’ll be right back to where we started…incursion only. Overgrowth only…



It doesn’t matter because with the way the game is currently coded this isn’t even possible. They can change what appears in the other 3 slots but the 4th will always be the no preference slot. No option to add or remove slots either.


Really? What about when there was two maps only?

This weekend should be sólo queue, no premades :smile: i will cry, but this should balance new players with veterans.


Great idea. Seriously.

Acctually that could be kinda fun. Might get to fight people I’m always on the same team as.

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I want to address this from a completely non-biased perspective.

If that’s what the majority of people want, then why not let them do it? (and this is a small point not completely important but you can’t have all overgrowth with rotating map selection)

Don’t get me wrong, I love meltdown and don’t mind the other modes. But a good number of people get upset when they can’t at least vote for the mode they like (not necessarily incursion). I figure this could at least be an attempt at a happy medium between the two queues from before and what we have now.

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Could someone explain to me why they felt a vote for “I don’t care pick whatever you like” was needed.

If the game was bigger this would be a meme. Sigh.

GDI Nemo! I wasn’t saying that it will always be Overgrowth, just making a point that it would be the same old bull over and over again. There is a reason why quick match was implemented with only a 50% chance of incursion showing up.
And Incursion had its own queue. We were finally able to actually play the fun and in my opinion more challenging modes. Incursion is not a challenge…incursion is boring. Incursion is you have to wait for the enemy team to slip up, which could take the entire game. Incursion is camp all day in one spot shooting…how the heck is that fun?

I’m beginning to think that people just like simple no complex thinking involved, no actual work, easy to see everything and everyone game modes. That’s boring…
(Yes Nemo, you and I are that one exception who can literally live in the enemy territory all game and not die :P)
You know why we invade the enemy like that? Because sitting right in front of the enemies face and shooting for 15mins is boring as hellllllllllll.


I don’t understand how you can do this. Why don’t people focus you?

Because they can’t catch us
And if they do, they spent so much time trying that they don’t realise that our team picked up thralls or something and pushed to their sentry
The only time that we pull out is if we killed the targets that we mentally marked or if we accidentally take too much damage
Also its damn near impossible to focus on two targets that can avoid pretty much anything
Mellka and Deande. You never know who is going to strike you first…well usually it’s me with the slow for Nemo to set up


Since you guys have been doing that I tried it out a couple of times with Rath on an all mobility set up. It works surprisingly well now that the sentry has been nerfed. I think I really surprised a Marquis when he got hit by Dreadwind while at his supply station.

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I once chased a Toby to his spawn and he taunted me but his hitbox is so big I managed to kill him as his arm stuck out


Yeah, I can’t get that far on Incursion, at least not Overgrowth. If I’m chasing that much, one of us will be dead long before my target gets back to base.

Also you are already extremely good with Rath.
So put all of that skill in a package with that high mobility. You, Nemo, and I will be backdooring hard. Or having a party at their supply and thumper stations.
Just to keep this thread somewhat on topic
As long as Incursion stays how it is and does not show up 100% of the time. We will all be happy :slight_smile:
I think that the “No preference” option should just become “random” option

As Phoebe I had managed to teleport really well and true strike evade. I used to solo sentries when I was good ( :sweat: )