Quick Jakobs question

So does anyone know the significant differences between “Muckumuck’s”, “Calipeen’s”, and the “Cheechaka’s” I think they are all called?
Is one tougher, more crit dmg, or faster fire rate, etc.? Because I personally prefer a lot of epic weapons over legendary and I would like to know a little more about them.

If the parts system is anything like borderlands 2, it’s barrel dependant. Each has a different barrel in bl2 for the Calipeen and Muckamuck. If you have all 3 I’d post the pics and lets discuss. :grin:

I think it also depends on how the reload is done. Like a revolver, or a triangular magazine, only those two methods come to mind atm.

The parts system hasn’t been “unpacked” or “broken down” yet.

Upon looking at parts in the weapon view menu, there seem to be a lot more parts than the previous borderlands installments. So it may be a more intricate process to break down.

I foresee spreadsheets in our future. lmao

If I remember it right, there’s also the possibility of them using a stripper clip that is inserted on the top of the body.

Yeah… I’m noticing a lot of different stats based on the parts of the weapon. More reload speed, critical dmg, etc. And I think the Muckamucks are more powerful in general compared to the Cheeckako’s slightly faster fire rate and so forth. I guess it all depends on parts?.. I like so many now though I can’t make up my mind and keep em all.

I’ve seen level 50 Muckamucks anywhere from 2300 damage to 3800. I’m still trying to figure out Jakobs shotguns as well. I’m currently using a Stagecoach that is 295x25/ 3 mag/ 3 ammo per shot and also one that’s 374x10/ 8 mag/ 2 ammo per shot. That’s an extreme difference for guns with the same name. Which imo is confusing and exciting at the same time.

As far as Jakobs shotguns go, the barrel most def determines the namesake. But they come in so many variations of pellet count, mag size, fire rate, firing type, reload and firing animations, even ammo per shot. It’s very different from past Borderlands games. And even though idk what is going on yet, i like it.

As for the snipers, I have to assume it’s not as detailed as the shotguns, as they are more simple. But i still have no clue lol.

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