Quick-join feature

A little suggestion that could improve some queuing for PvE.
Right now nobody can join during the mission. So what i suggest is a feature that allow you to quick-join a public game that still require players.
Of course any experience, credits, and loots dropped before you join is not given at the end.

So basically, you could either search for a team for Normal/Advanced Public or go for a Normal/Advanced Quick-join. If the game doesn’t find any empty “slot” after a while, it’ll just tell you and ask if you want to search for a team instead.

I guess the game could give a “base level” depending on the last Checkpoint reached, and wouldn’t allow peoples to join when the team reached the last checkpoint (So peoples don’t load a game about to end)


I like that but doesn’t it seem like a coding horror show? Right now the enemy numbers and health is based on the number of players at the start, hence why people on the forums are unhappy with people quitting at the start as the difficulty does not scale down when people leave. Now apply the same logic and you could join a game that started with three players and walk it because difficulty will not scale up

Those people are wrong, the difficulty does scale down. Well, it’s so obvious to see when you actually play story mode regularly, where do these rumors come from? From people who don’t play PVE?

I was going to say, yeah, the numbers of enemies DEFINITELY scale when I lose a 5 man team.

This is definitely not a 5 player amount of enemies for saboteur, and the game still calls it a a 5 player match in the game history log.

Well to be clear as i hope that wasn’t aimed at me i have ran story missions to the tune of double figures on each mission, i jist have been lucky enough nobody quit out on me

Or that) I’m not that lucky, I often see people disconnect.