Quick Leveling vs Quality Gear

I played a Meltdown match last night with Orendi and there was an opposing Orendi which is no surprise to anyone. Our team won handedly 500 - 245 (somewhere close to that score)

Opposing Orendi
-5 kills and 7 deaths
-55 minion kills
-127K in damage - bested me by 45K

My Orendi
-7 or 8 kills and 5 deaths
-47 minion kills
-82K in damage

So naturally I had to look at their gear…
-Free shard gen
-Epic Buildable with 5% skill damage and negative reload speed
-Voxis Core - that was never obtained

My gear
-free shard gen
-Codex Fragment
-Epic Shield Recharge Rate with almost 6% Skill Damage

I know the one piece of information I’m missing is what level she was at and I’ll have to check that tonight.

So now the question remains, was this Orendi just that much better than me? Or did her leveling up faster give her the upperhand? I faced off with her a few times and from what it seemed we were equally skilled.

TL:DR What’s everyone’s thoughts? Is leveling up faster better than having quality gear? Was I simply outmatched? Is leveling up faster more beneficial to Orendi over quality gear?

@Ashbweh sorry to ping you but you’ve been my reliable source in the past.

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What’s quality gear to you, legendaries? It’s been stressed a lot here but also covered up by many legendary only fans that common to epic gear is the best to use.

In the case of orendi though, to my knowledge her kit already supplies her with all she needs so equipping gear that can raise her level fast is the best way to gear her.


I think it’s more nuanced than that, the gear helping orendi climb like that helps her get to levels quickly but once everyone else hits the same level then she’s actually behind the power creep.

However the other side of that thought is if the match isn’t long then she stays ahead of everyone and stays ahead of the power creep

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Quality to me isn’t necessarily legendary but more stacking on what I need, and in this case it happened to be legendary. The combination of Codex Fragment and Shield Recharge Rate w/ Skill Damage puts me around 20% or more Skill Dmg on top of her already high skill damage helixes.

Combined with Free Shard Gen and gathering shards after each minion wave clear, I got all my gear a little before halfway.

It was a 20 minute game and I would imagine most people got to level 7 or 8 by the end of it.


Then I’d say the difference was skill/experience mostly

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That’s what I was thinking. I believe at this point I have to admit I was outclassed/outsmarted.

When we met up they were great duels but in the end he definitely seemed to use Orendi better overall.


This doesn’t mean the enemy Orendi was better than you. You had more kills and less deaths, so maybe the enemy Orendi did more wave-clear than you because her team was bad so she was the only one for wave-clear while your good team did a lot of wave-clear for you so you were more of an assassin.

As Orendi is similar to Thorn where she doesn’t go on that much of a murder spree till mid-levels, especially since Orendi got the left helix choice at lvl 6 where she can instant pillar with no damage penalties. So the lvl 6 helix choice along with Orendi’s ult makes her more useful to the team as an assassin than for wave-clearing if your team can handle wave-clear without you.

To answer your question:
One of the broken things about Meltdown, especially since the Meltdown finale update, is that the mode is highly focused on late game and has plenty of shards. So early game doesn’t matter that much, thus maximizing late-game with legendaries is probably best but there still needs to be people on your team with shard gens (like your build) to spam the big bots, which are pretty much always in lane against good teams and is another reason this mode is such a boring grind…


From what I remember, our team was pretty evenly balanced and I think the other Orendi and Galilea were carrying their team. I could see the fact that she was constantly attacking our advances would put her above me since I was able to be strategical and build and destroy their builds.

But to be 45K above me!?!?!?!?!? That’s where I have to believe it was a combination of leveling up quickly being highly advantageous to Orendi and also a very skilled/experienced player.

It was a 20 minute match which means she did 6,350 Dmg per minute or 106 Dmg per second!!!


Damage alone is easy to accomplish. Just waste her ult in minion waves and maybe a big bot and turret and some BB and you gain a lot of damage off that. Maybe he did kill more buildables or did more damage in teamfights with better placed pillars. Maybe he got more damage off the Dot Pillar and you didnt pick this helix option. It depends on his playstyle. Maybe he was more aggressive than you.

Damage alone isnt a indicator for good play alone. Also I dont know if the damage from the turret, that are builded counts towards the total damage, which affects your statistics afterall.


Agreed, damage isn’t an indicator for good play as we were very close on minion kills and BB kills and probably other stats. What got me was the huge margin of damage between him and I.

With him being attacked constantly, me having brief downtime now and then, and even if he is a better Orendi I could see an extra 20 or 25K in damage, but 45K is beyond impressive. That’s when I started questioning my gear and saw he was concentrating solely on building and leveling to create power through helix

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as Orendi I don’t completely focus on damage. It is much more important to grab kills and clear wave. If you are good at killing the other team your damage will be slightly lower since your opponents are sitting at spawn more and not eating as much damage. Your damage climbs fast when you are hitting lots of things with her aoe’s. less things to hit means less damage.

you have to remember that the game isn’t about stats, it is about winning objectives. if you are winning in wave clear and player kills you are doing your job better.

in terms of skill that orendi could be better at pillar placement to gain more damage. you could also not be optimizing your rotations well enough. you got to be constantly using your skills and hitting your stuff to push huge damage numbers. holding back just clips your skills. leveling quickly tends to be good for orendi since your skill will do more damage. a 1 or 2 level difference shouldn’t matter that much though. I also tend to hit my crits really well with shadow bolts, which will help push your damage as well.

as a personal note I know you like encore, but prembles of pain is considered more damage. encore means you have to hit more pillars right more often. doubling the number of correct shots you have to make. you are decreasing your hit percentage and damage by every missed pillar. you have to view things in terms of trying to give yourself the best hit percentage as possible.


Yeah after hearing about it from every Orendi player on here and a rather in depth discussion with Ashbweh, I switched to Preamble 2 or 3 weeks ago. I’ve adjusted my play to be more strategic rather than in your face, combined with the helix changes it’s upped my damage output by 7K or 10K on average.

It seems like the general consensus is that the leveling definitely played a role, along with having more targets to hit all the time, and really that Orendi was flat out better and utilized her to her full potential.


And one recommendation for orendi, try lorrian skill spike instead of codex fragment. Yes it’s RNG but it doesn’t require taking hits before getting the legendary effect(ends up with 30% bonus damage 35% of the time on lorrian skill spike)

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I take the Shard of Solus, a purple needle with atrack damage secondary, and a purple skill damage badge with attack speed secondary, on Orendi. I do nothing but focus waves, and only use my skills on players if i know i can have them ready by the next wave; i even use Paradigm Shift in this manner, unless i see an opportunity to kill an enemy Battleborn. I trust my teammates to keep me safe and draw aggro off of me, and, if i haven’t killed 100 minions by the 20 minute mark, the match typically didn’t last 20 minutes. I strongly believe that using legendary gear like the Bolas or Skill Spike on Orendi is a tactic that only kill-farming Orendis go for, because she doesn’t need it at all to do her job.


Two things I could imagine that haven’t been addressed

1Sentry damage

Sentry damage probably wasn’t an issue as the match went with no health damage to your sentry
She could of pumped out some damage to the shield but who knows

And you didn’t account for assists
Maybe that Orendi was great at laying down damage but just bad at securing the kills
She could have had help with her wave clear too maybe without it she would have had 100 minions

Edit:herpderp this was Meltdown
Ignore point 1 :sweat_smile:
Just some thoughts


The difference was mainly from experience, individual player’s skill and type of opponents. Gear play very minor part in this comparison specially in Meltdown where running anything other than 3 white gears is less than optimum in a pub group.

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This was definitely the case. While I have found leveling is beneficial over gear in shorter games, I was simply outclassed, outmatched, and out-damaged all the way through.

I went back and looked at it and I was WAAAAYYYYY off from what I thought the K/D ratio was. That person went 8-7 while I went 1-6…Apparently I thought very highly of myself that match.

I do remember facing Galilea a majority of the match so that’s probably why I only came out with 1 Kill and she racked up 52K in damage taken.

Either way, I’ve learned some valuable lessons from this post and I’d like to thank everyone that’s contributed.


Not going to lie, it kind of hurts to post this 1-6 game, but it’s the truth of what happened!

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what were you helix choices? what playstyle do you have?

Fire Walk With Me
I Hate Your Pretty Eyes
Oh That Reminds Me
Preamble of Pain
Force of Will
Rapid Deterioration - Didn’t get to this point but these next three are what I would have chosen
Shadowfire Storm
Reign of Chaos

Sounds ok…well I dont know how you play, so I dont know how you got behind in damage.