Quick lore trick, 3 hours flight and UPR tour

I know a few people are stuck by the time gated lore and one annoying lore so here’s a trick to finishing it real fast although they might be patched in the future especially the 2nd one which is clearly a bug and should be fixed but you will end up using it by mistake anyway overtime cause it’s attached to the very basic function of Benedict.


UPR Tour

Beside finding some friends to do it with, surely playing 5 more matches as well (PvP or PvE) can be quite annoying or damaging to your winrate.

So what to do?

Go to Renegade
Set it on Hardcore
Go into a game
Jump off a cliff together and do a group love suicide. Make BEnedict hug Toby while at it for maximum love vision.

But yeah, the Lore Challenges only said “Play a match” not “Win a match”. As long as you are in the game and complete it through either failure or completion, it counts. This applies to every other characters as well including stuffs like “Thorn plays with Boldur 5x”


3 Hours flight, rocket jump professional.

I receieved a rumour on this one.

“If you jump three times before flying, you gain thrice the amount of point for flying”

And my programmer sense kicked in. If this ia bug caused by the way they count the point booster and went with flyTime++ on EVERY jump, it is possible to stack it.


Get a launch pad. The easiest one to find is in the 2nd base.

What you will want to do, is go on the pad, lift off, jump, jump and glide back to the launchpad.

As long as you are flying and do not touch the ground the counter will never reset. Touching the launchpad counts as a jump and does not count as “landing” so the counter will not reset. As long as you keep flying and using fly boy and land on the pad, the counter will keep going.

So what will happen?

44 Minutes in Renegade run
8254 seconds (137 minutes) Flight time in total.

It took me 1 minute to go from 9000 flight time to 10800 flight time from stacking the counter.

This needs to be fixed (and they can simply just add a forced “Never go above 1” condition to the timer on the update part of the game) but until then, you can do this to finish the lore if you want the item asap without using a turbo macro controller/setting or something.

Tried the Thorn an Boulder last night. But we did it on The Algorithm.
It didn’t work.
Whats up with the Renegade requirement?

Ill give it run tonight on Renegade.

I did it on Renegade because you start near the cliff right away.

If the hardcore suicide run doesn’t work, try turning it off and do it normally with 5 lives. I had a friend confirmed that the suicide run worked when he told me his number went from 2/5 to 3/5 after a fail. We completed it afterward.

Edit: If it doesn’t work now, it has likely been patched on the recent hotfix since I did this a day or so before the hotfix. The flight thing however, was done today. I will update the thread accordingly if has really been patched.