Quick Match and Meltdown Finale

1 - Okay, I know Quick Match is open matchmaking but 5+ losses in a row gets to be pretty old and pretty not fun. I mean, if the matchmaking would take pity on me and throw me up against a full team of noobs once and again, it’d be appreciated. It doesn’t help that for some insane reason the community here is really against surrendering.

2 - What is the point of Meltdown Finale? If a team wasn’t good enough to stop their opponents from reaching 300 points, they’re not good enough to stop the insanely powerful Ultra Minion. Am I missing something here because the whole thing just seems stupid.

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Then go play botbattles. I tell you, it’s really fun.

I completely agree with you on the meltdown finale. It makes no sense to me. Just bring back the old Meltdown GBX, who thought that finale was a good idea?
-far too short now
-if you are dominating from the beginning, nothing will change by the time the ultra bots come out
-I believe that the ‘dominating’ team should not get the super ultra crazy powerful elite bot. How is the other team suppose to make a comeback? Wasn’t the new Meltdown suppose to be about comebacks?

Now the new capture mode…hell yes…I can say without a doubt, that I enjoy capture again