Quick match should have 4 options instead of 3

Quick match should give you the choice to pick either Incursion, face-off, meltdown, or capture, instead of one choice being “no preferences”. “No preferences” just eliminates a certain mode that could be played, which might be the one you want, and it really serves no purpose except to tell players that certain people did not choose a game mode. I feel like if the group wants to play incursion, they should have the choice to play incursion, and not the latter. Especially with the fact that players can no longer choose to play certain modes, and quick match being the only pvp mode available.


I support this.

“No Preference” would simply be not voting.

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I thought Incursion was removed from quick match? So there’s only three modes in that queue, and all three options will be present constantly?

All the modes and maps should be voteable each time, even if this mean that one map will be played most of the time. It is up for the players and not for the developers to decide what they want or should play.

Currently on PC all we have is Quick Match, which rotates between 3 of the 4 available modes.

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Ah yes, I wasn’t thinking of PC, thank ya gov’na!

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+1, it’s hard to find a team that’ll dodge non-Incursion modes :sob: