Quick Matchmaking Suggestion

A lot of people are complaining about the matchmaking and getting matched with or against beginning level players.

I have a simple idea that I think could help out a great deal.

There should be a beginner pool in matchmaking- aka, players, say, lvl 10 and under are put in their own matchmaking pool and join higher level players once they’ve achieved the thresh hold command rank.

This gives new players a much more gentle and intuitive learning curve and more veteran players aren’t as worried about how hard they’ll have to carry until they get the hang of it.

One problem I see with my suggestion is that at one point, there may not be enough ‘new’ players online at the same time with decent connection to each other. What then? Well, certain game modes with fewer people can still work.

Also, one thing that would alleviate this is changing one of the fundamental ways matchmaking occurs. The way it works now is that a single team is build together and then paired with another team. I think this is causing a lot of these matchmaking problems.

If you changed it so that it gathers people together in a lobby from which both teams will be made out of instead of just one team, the system could easily distribute/average out the teams so that one team doesn’t have 4 newer players while the other one has just one. When they’re made by single teams first, there has proven to be no real control for statistical skill level or command rank.

So if theoretically, there were only 2 lvl 10’s and below in the whole world and they wanted to do matchmaking, they’d be put into the same game and be on opposite teams.

What do you all think about this?

Command level has nothing to do with how strong your Hero is. Everyone starts at level 1 in a game. A Command level 40 Hero does the same damage as a Command level 5 Hero.

Well, there are mutations and legandary gear to be unlocked at higher hero ranks, so there’s definitely some advantage there. How big that advantage is I can’t say, but it exists.

Mutations are just a third option and there aren’t many of them. For some Heroes they are not even that attractive. Legendary gear is unlocked via Lore achievements, not Command level.

Command level is a damn good indicator of amount of experience. The amount of experience correlates strongly to what decisions players make and when during the match.

If you’re playing LoL for the first time or even after your 20th game, you’re still gonna not know as much or play as well as someone who is already level 30 and is gold or higher level. No matter that every game starts off with everyone at level 1. >>

It’s the same basic principle here