Quick mealstrom stacking

I can reach 900+ within 2 seconds by following these steps throwing shock or fire grenade, pulling out aspis, slamming and shooting with shock or fire weapon. Quasar, and vibrant pulse as my gear insane since explosive is boosted by stacks I usually finish off with the flakker.

What platform? Even with optimal stacking gear I can’t generate it that fast. Vibra pulse and Quasar are not good Stackers so I don’t know how you’re doing it.

Ps3 it might just be meg tbh all those tentacles hitting the aspis, max tethers, the quasar causing damage to all the tentacles, sometimes it goes to 900 down to 100 then back to 900+, it’s weird. But ya that all happens within 2 seconds

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It probably is because of Meg, though it is the right strategy. Just use everything at your disposal at once. Against solo or two enemies, I found I usually had around 200-400 stacks, and that’s just on my crappy PC.

For guns I usually used a shock/fire torrent (I like the Thunderfire but I don’t think it’s the best for stacks), a Storm Front/Pandemic and an Oxidizer.Grenades, aspis, slam, toss aspis, shoot while doing everything listed before, kill enemy, swap weapons to activate storm weaving, repeat.

Can’t wait to get to 50 so I can get my shock torrent, have a crappy lvl 44. Unless I have one in my nisha game idk why but I hoarded torrents with her. Might have a fire one too

u not levelling up to 60/70?

Well after this tvhm I’m going back to bl2 goty, idk if I’m coming back to tps if I did it would only be to beat uvhm with athena and nisha

A faster stacker would be a Fire/Shock Developement with the vertical grip. Able to reach stacks around 700 without needing Unrelenting.

I’m intrigued tell me more about this development thing. I’ve been really looking for good shock/fire shotguns haven’t been able to find any though.

It’s just a Hyperion Shotgun with the Torgue Barrel. You want a GLitch Rarity New Hyperion, although any will kick ass in a pinch. Best way to get one is to kill stuff and hope, unfortunately.

Development is not the best weapon for stacking due to ammo consumption issues. The title of best Stacker belongs to the Practicable Thinking, glitched if possible. Development is one of the best Closers in the game.

Check out my thread on stacking with Hyperion shotguns if you want to know more.