Quick message for Alani players

remember to heal your teammates, you heal them more powerfully than you do yourself.

Some of you are almost as bad as miko players who refuse to heal and only run around and collect shards to spawn super minions. true story.


I find that since she’s mid range melee characters will often enter my line of fire and that’s when I just shoot a heal their way. I typically bring them back to full which makes me lol so hard. She’s a great mix of dps and burst heals so healing really isn’t a chore. It’s literally 0.5 seconds without shooting a water ball at an enemy.
More than that, if you’re healing up at a station you can just spam the heal on yourself which gives you an extra 40-60 per second or so.

You need level 5 for this, but I have a super heal mod setup. I’ll have to get hard stats, but I was able to heal 1400 health with max Osmosis. That is massive. A lot of the small characters have about 1600 max. You can max heal some teammates. Get 9 hits on minion and your good to heal a team mate.

Stack that with the Osmosis generation off of either primary skills (with augments) and you’ll be healing faster. Add the .5 second cooldown on tempest hits and you got yourself the strongest healer in the game.

You can even apply heal effects with your primary skills.

Channeling Clawshorn Sanadal
968 shard activation
+5.16% Movement Speed
+6.45% Heal Power

Drained Mending Remedy Box
657 shard activation
+12.18% Heal Power
+8.52% Healing Received
-36.53 Shield Recharge per Second

Scoundrel’s "Hurricane"
924 shard activation
+9.80% Attack Speed
+5.60% Attack Speed after landing a Critical Hit

If you wanted to, you could replace the attack speed with a healing received mod to keep yourself afloat if needed. I have one that would bump the self heal from 50% up to 65-70%.

While we’re at it, a message to people with an Alani in the team but don’t seem to get it: When you see the green tidal wave, DON’T immediately move out of the water on the ground. It’s good for you and makes my direct-heal job easier to manage.

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I try to balance aggressiveness with heals, so far it’s worked out great I’ve kicked ass and healed team mates greatly with my heal power gear

I go out of my way to not heal stupid people or people who make it really hard to heal them.

It’s a old mmo habit.


Please?! I have played multiple matches with people rush grabbing Alani and then not healing at all. Not too mention 75% are base diving with her. Did they not look at her kit? What is the deal with this? Yes you have some damage and control, but you also have heals that are your primary function. Actually do it.

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I wouldn’t. Attack speed is so good for her, whether it is for damage or building osmosis, or reducing cooldowns.

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What exactly does heal power do?

For Alani, it has been increasing the amount of health given by Wellspring. It is a definite game changer. Especially if you have stagnant pools and the osmosis generation through riptide. You’ll be vulnerable, but you can get max osmosis from standing in the pool.

I don’t know if it affects how much she can heal herself with though. I’ll have to lay a game where I bank shards until I get to max healing potential. Then test both ally heal and self heal with and without the gear.

Hmm, alright, yeah I can see how that could help things. Making the healer more…healer-ish could do a lot.

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Yeah, that’s my healer build. If you want a certain play type (Attacker, Tank, CC) I could try looking through my 70+ mods and try to build one. I think I might try to build an attacker build next.

I second this opinion! The same goes for any support character though really…

I was playing an advanced story match, where 3 players, myself included, chose Alani. At match end, I had more healing than the other 2 Alanis combined. In fact I had more healing than them combined and multiplied by 1.5.

And when someone picks her from the opposite team, its a gg wp. I don’t know, I dont like Alani, Alani pickers and Alani lovers.

I play Alani aggressively with medium to close range fights doing mostly personal healing. In times where I myself am not in need of a heal and I notice someone else needs a heal I toss it their way. I dont play her like a support, I play her as a wave clear and afvance character pushing dps to the max with CC and burst self and aoe heals with geyser. It works out well cause the less enemies attacking you the less you even need to heal.

I prefer to heal with riptide instead of guyser. Guyser heals more at once but it is so good as a setup for your team to kill an enemy player, I have to use it offensively. And chances are, I’m aiming behind enemy lines rather than at an enemy where there is an ally right next to 'em. Two people fighting directly like that are moving too much to land it on either friend or foe with any certainty. Someone who thinks they’re safe on a perch or have unwittingly backed up against a wall get the nastiest surprise of that short life. Riptide gives a nice little heal to friendly minion waves in front of you and disrupts enemy aim when it pushes 'em back.

Besides, wellspring is a stronger, easier to use heal for point targets like that.

I also prefer riptide because I tend to drop geyser at a distance from me most of the time, whereas riptide is always at my feet.

I tried Riptide and it just feels too weak to me… where as Geyser is enough to get your 3 stacks of Osmosis after you heal them a bit if you need to use it that way. I play the unpopular PC version (1.4k people on right now… really? ugh… whats with the lousy player counts…) so landing skills is a lot easier there with twitch reactions being a lot more common and apparent… I don’t have a problem landing it, that and the AoE heal is larger than the damage AoE and also heals before the geyser goes off. Not as you place it, but it is slightly before the geyser.

How many there are in other platforms?

I have no idea… saw a thread about xbone being about the same but idk if they even have tools to check like PC does. It’s sad watching the numbers go… this game is too much fun and there are so many positive reviews and website ratings but you check the player numbers on PC and they are steadily declining.

My local Gamestop hasn’t sold a single BB for any system in 72 hours… the ball was dropped somewhere (cough marketing) and it’s making this game suffer. I wanna hope people will get bored of OW and come here after that, but if it doesn’t this game might fail before it finishes it’s DLC…

PS4 gets a lot of special treatment tho… so maybe its good there. Also this game is balanced around console controls so maybe people just don’t like the character imbalance because of how PC plays in comparison to console (I litterally can’t make any arguement on these forums about why a skill is OP… I have a Kelvin Sublimate one and litterally everyone shuts down my arguement… they probably all play console where controls effect your ability to use the skill. But PC players can just run over the entire enemy team and still get away without fail everytime because mouse controls allow you to turn around instant while controllers make it a lot slower…)