Quick Micro-management builds Poll

So I have been getting the sense that some of the disparity in forum discussions may stem from a fundamental difference of preference when it comes to choosing builds that require more micro-management of time and effort.

The most recent example revolves around the latest hotfixes that beefed up class-specific anoints while nerfing generic anoints. The stated intent by GBX was to increase the use of class-specific builds over generic ones. Upon reflection, it becomes clear that class-specific builds ultimately require more micro-management of time and effort, either in the initial setup of the build or in the execution of it (or both). Generic builds, on the other hand, appear to be easier all around to both create and to use.

Personally, I hate having to spend time trying to figure out how to make a particular combination of skill and equipment characteristics work, especially when only a handful ever seem to be viable. Too much math. Spending hours testing multiple combinations and/or farming to get complimentary gear only to discover that it is not as effective as I thought is not fun for me. Neither is going meta and searching the internet for someone else’s answers and then copying them. When I pick up a new piece of gear in game, I just want to try it right then and have it work. But I get that testing and tweaking new builds that rely on specific, unique characteristics may be fun for others.

So this quick poll is just to see how the people on this forum seem to fall out in terms of whether or not they prefer builds that require more micro-management in the initial setup and/or gameplay for its own sake. I added a little color commentary just for fun, but the real choice is the last line of each option, FYI.

In general, how do you feel about builds that require a lot of micro-management, either in the setup or in the execution?
  • Micro-managing skills and equipment characteristics is why I play FPS games. I cannot get enough of the challenges involved with calculating just the right combination either in the initial setup of the build or during game-play to devastate my enemies or achieve some really cool effect. I usually gravitate towards those builds.
  • While micro-management of skills and equipment characteristics can be fun sometimes, it is not the be-all-end-all for me. The real fun is in the rush of combat, not the setup. I then actively create challenges through my own choices of action that are not specifically tied to my build but rather the environment around me. However, I will sometimes gravitate towards more micro-managed builds if and when the mood strikes me.
  • Micro-management of skills and equipment characteristics are OK, I guess, as long as they do not get in the way of, or otherwise hamper or compromise the combat experience. I hate having to spend precious game time trying to finagle a specific combination of skills and gear in the setup of a build that ultimately has inherent limitations during execution anyways that then force me to actively spend even more time during gameplay in setting up just the right situation in order to reap the benefits of the build. Just give me a friggin’ gun to shoot and let me go nuts. I rarely, if ever, gravitate towards those builds.

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I’m having trouble understanding what you are asking with this thread.

This seems to imply that you feel like people who enjoy micromanaging builds support the anoint reworks because those anoints require more management. That hasn’t really been my experience at all: while some people feel some of the buffed amounts are more useful now (i see some attempting grab snare builds, digi clone ammo regen is being experimented with on some guns, and of course the kill skill anoint is enjoying a surge in popularity), most of the buffed anoint that are being used haventhat same activation requirements as what we use now anyway. Zane builds have digi clone active anyway, you would be killing enemies anyway, and grav snare is still a meme by the wider community. They don’t require much if any extra effort to utilize properly.

Also, this assumes that people who like micromanagement want to do that with every facet of their build. That isn’t the case. General anoints are easier to manage so you can focus on managing the things that actually matter for your build.

The constant micromanaging by GB on skills & weapons was the main reason I quit playing for about six months. The sneaky nerfs were the worst…

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What annoys me is the damage equations and having to look them up to see what they really mean. How “weapon damage” is in a different part of the equation than say, weapon TYPE damage. Just give me an examine button that breaks down the numbers and what they actually do. Same with the skill tree. If I know EXACTLY what something does, without having to look it up, just from information IN THE GAME- We wouldn’t have any issues.
Thing is, everything in this game feels like it works differently than it’s worded. It’s hard to tell what’s better than what without freaking. Damage. Formula. Analysis.
If that’s your bread and butter go for it but I think we can all agree better descriptions and an in-game DPS calculator would behoove everyone.


A reasonable response. I shall attempt to clarify.

First and foremost, I am positing that it may be that some people enjoy builds that require more micro-management while others are less concerned about that, and that this disparity colors their (respective) perspectives when discussing certain topics.

The poll itself is simply a means for people to see where they fall in a simple 3-point scale - usually gravitate towards micro-managed builds, sometimes gravitate towards micro-managed builds or rarely gravitate towards micro-managed builds. From there people can then take it upon themselves to speak in these terms when discussing current and future topics as a means to clarify a point of view.

Yeah, I suppose that is a fair assessment. However, I did not intend for my personal opinion on that to become the primary focus for this poll. I was just trying to provide some sort of example and that was the latest discussion topic that was on my mind at the time.

I am not certain that I agree with the assertion that the poll assumes this. I will concede, however, that being a simple three point scale could leave a lot open for interpretation.

I can only speak for myself and my coop partner as we have had this same discussion running from BL1 to current.

She would always be the 3rd choice - give her a solid build, good guns and consistent dps (not micro managed high/low periods) and she is happy. Crit swapping, applying Dots to self, multiple weapon changes all reduce the enjoyment from her game play. Her main anoints are URAD and consecutive hits as they provide consistent dependable dps with out any other mechanics at play.

I would be the 2nd choice - solid but more nuanced builds with some swapping mechanics allowed and enjoyed. I crit swap a lot when bossing but otherwise keep things pretty simple. CD management is kind of baked in from playing shooter games for a long time.

Highly nuanced builds requiring multiple repetitive steps to maximize dps are not as enjoyable to me. I am always slightly amazed watching someone manage multiple weapon swaps and Cd’s thru a trial, slaughter shaft or takedown.
Seems too much work for small gains but that’s what makes this game amazing is the variety of play styles that can all not only work but excel across so many different engagements.

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I too am not really quite sure what you are asking and I have the suspicion that none of your 3 options describe accurately my playstyle.
So I guess what you are asking is if I tend to do huge preparations for builds, like theory crafting, damage calculation , testing and min maxing?
Well I do not like to get too in depth (like doing calculations), but I like to have a general understanding of principles and I like builds that use synergy and require some thinking to be efficient, but I want to be able to do them just by experimenting while playing, I like things that are deductible based on skill and weapons behavior and accessible in game information, I don’t like things that require to have read all experts calculations, know weird hidden properties and seen all major youtubers video.


There can be no management of gear when GBX reserves the right to f*** with anything at any time, for arbitrary reasons that have nothing to do with us. And when they’re not merrily telling us we need to use other artifacts because reasons, people complain about balance.

And who gets to decide ‘balance’. You can’t balance gear unless you can balance player skill. Because someone is bored with Facepuncher(insert any nerf) doesn’t mean it’s necessarily unbalanced or OP. So my almost functioning Amara doesn’t function anymore. Because someone decided that the “balance” was wrong. It was wrong for THEM, not me. If you don’t like a weapon stop f***** using it. That leaves you with billions of others.

In conclusion, build management can’t exist, if you can’t control the meta.

I am asking about people’s preference towards builds that require either a lot of micro-managed preparation (matching this specific skill with that specific anoint and that specific weapon roll, etc.) and/or micro-managed game play. How in-depth a person decides to go with the micro-management is up to them. I am focusing on the base requirement(s) of the build itself. I thought that @Mugsy1103 gave some pretty good examples of game play micro-management in his response above to add to the ones you cited regarding preparation.

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Given your description, I would venture to guess that you are probably on the cusp between usually gravitate and sometimes gravitate.

I want to hit the “I like micro management” option but the wording is putting me off. It’s not what I like about FPS games, it’s what I like about games with RPG elements.

Easy damage is boring to me. I enjoy builds that require thought to put together, I enjoy builds that are highly interactive, that have a sort of momentum to them that requires some skill and decision making to upkeep. It’s why I quite like kill skills and quite dislike seein dead, that just gives you all those bonuses for free.

Build crafting is a huge part of my enjoyment of this game, if you can throw any combination of things together and get great results with 100% uptime, well, that just doesn’t feel very interactive to me.

Which isn’t to say I don’t occasionally enjoy loading up a dumb strong build and just running around laying some smackdown with no effort, but if that’s all the game was I’d have a quarter or less of the total hours in the game I currently do.

Edit: sorry @ZaneMozeLovechild, this was meant to be a response to OP, don’t know why it says it’s responding to your comment.


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It’s all good :slight_smile:

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So long as the skill function at all, I don’t care too much.