QUICK MOVEMENT - impossible to access the discovered worlds


Good morning,
the rapid move of the Sanctuary does not work. In fact, if I open the menu with “E” of the rapid movement in question, only the sanctuary appears as a place. now I have to face a main mission entitled “BLOOD RACE” on Pandora. If I address the mother ship to the planet, I cannot go down to the planet with the spacecraft in the garage. it ONLY tells me to use the rapid move which, in fact, does not work.
how do I end the game if I am stuck in using one of the main means of moving the game?

Within the map, you need to go to the Galaxy view and select Pandora, then select the relevant zone, then select the fast travel station in that zone nearest your destination.

i cant access in the garage

and i cant access to pandora because i dont have a spaceship (third image)

When you are at the screen for your second view, there should be a key that will zoom out to the galaxy view. You should be able to select the planet Pandora from there, which will show the planet with all the discovered maps on it; then select the map you want and then the fast travel location on the map.

You can do this either from the map on your echo device or from the map on the fast travel station on the ship.

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I think I understand what you mean. at the top left there is the possibility of changing the view, but if I step over it with the mouse nothing happens. there is no interaction with the buttons. I can only increase or decrease the zoom of the current map up to the maximum you see on the screen.
I can’t do anything else

@Adabiviak: is there a default key binding in the map to jump to galaxy view on PC?

in the key mapping I do not find it. that’s why I always had difficulty reaching the various planets! but now if I can’t find the right button I can’t continue the game

For me, it’s just my "move backwards"key, which I mapped to X. (I’m a ASDX, not a WASD guy).

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It’s also X on the default key bindings.


Thak you very much! It works!!!